• best mac cleaner

    Where can I find the best mac cleaner?

    Nowadays, viruses and malware are everywhere. People should pay close attention to the information they download online, because it can really slow down your device. If you have a Mac, you should consider the best mac cleaner on the market. The software program will delete unused files, residual data, and it will make your...

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  • word for mac image

    Word for Mac and 5 Awesome Word Alternatives

    Is There Word for Mac? As a Mac user you no doubt love everything about your Mac, well just about everything that is, because even as a Mac lover we know that our Mac’s do at times put us at a disadvantage when it comes to working with the rest of the world. That’s because

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  • macbook battery replacement

    How Do You Know if Macbook Battery Replacement is Needed?

    Does Your MacBook Need a Battery Replacement? Have you noticed anything odd going on with your Macbook’s cursor? Is it jumping around on the screen without your moving it, deleting things on accident or acting otherwise erratically? If so, this is just one of the weird symptoms of a Macbook battery replacement being...

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  • How to Share Screen on Mac

    How to Use Screen Sharing on Mac

    There may come a time when you need to give someone access to your Mac screen, either so that they can help you repair or resolve a problem, or so that you can show them something you are working on. Mac screen sharing allows users to view, and control the screen of another Mac remotely.

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  • microsoft excel for mac image

    Microsoft Excel for Mac and Other Spreadsheet for Mac Alternatives

    Do You Need Microsoft Excel for Mac? As a Mac user living in a PC world, chances are you have had the need at one point in time to to create a detailed spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel is considered the computer industry standard for spreadsheet creation by many users. The program integrates with other Microsoft Office

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    Is There an AVG for Mac

    Is There an AVG for Mac and What is AVG Link Scanner for Mac? For those of us that have had a Window’s based computer, the name AVG may be familiar. That’s because it’s a very popular, and in fact, a very good, free anti-virus software used by a lot of Window’s users. When we

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  • project management software

    There is not a Microsoft Project for Mac but Here are 5 Great Alternatives!

    Microsoft Project for Mac Alternatives Many times, Mac users find themselves needing to find alternative software for their Mac, because, let’s face it, we live in a Window’s world which means that most of the programs are not Mac friendly. Unfortunately, Microsoft Project is one of the ones not available for Mac computers....

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  • outlook for mac

    How to Use Microsoft Outlook for Mac

    How to Set Up the 2011 Microsoft Outlook for Mac Program Many Mac users are past Windows users, and because of this they often miss some things that Windows had and Mac doesn’t have.  One thing that Window’s users end up missing the most is the Windows email program called Outlook. They don’t have to

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  • screenshot video editing

    The 5 Best Video-Editing Software for Mac That’s Free!

    The 5 Best Video-Editing Software for Mac That’s Free! In our new super digital world, many people, especially Mac users, are finding that they are taking and making a lot of videos.  These videos are being used more than ever before for work, fun, education or just capturing that special moment. With all of these

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  • remote connect

    How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

    How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac For most of us that have a Mac we are so happy to have it that we don’t ever miss Windows, however, just because we don’t miss it doesn’t mean we don’t need it. Unfortunately there are still many programs that can only operate on Windows

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