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    Word for Mac and 5 Awesome Word Alternatives

    Is There Word for Mac? As a Mac user you no doubt love everything about your Mac, well just about everything that is, because even as a Mac lover we know that our Mac’s do at times put us at a disadvantage when it comes to working with the rest of the world. That’s because

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  • macbook battery replacement

    How Do You Know if Macbook Battery Replacement is Needed?

    Does Your MacBook Need a Battery Replacement? Have you noticed anything odd going on with your Macbook’s cursor? Is it jumping around on the screen without your moving it, deleting things on accident or acting otherwise erratically? If so, this is just one of the weird symptoms of a Macbook battery replacement being...

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  • How to Share Screen on Mac

    How to Use Screen Sharing on Mac

    There may come a time when you need to give someone access to your Mac screen, either so that they can help you repair or resolve a problem, or so that you can show them something you are working on. Mac screen sharing allows users to view, and control the screen of another Mac remotely.

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  • outlook for mac

    How to Use Microsoft Outlook for Mac

    How to Set Up the 2011 Microsoft Outlook for Mac Program Many Mac users are past Windows users, and because of this they often miss some things that Windows had and Mac doesn’t have.  One thing that Window’s users end up missing the most is the Windows email program called Outlook. They don’t have to

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  • remote connect

    How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

    How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac For most of us that have a Mac we are so happy to have it that we don’t ever miss Windows, however, just because we don’t miss it doesn’t mean we don’t need it. Unfortunately there are still many programs that can only operate on Windows

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  • VPN on Mac setup

    6 Easy Steps to Setting Up a VPN for Mac

    6 Easy Steps to Setting Up a VPN for Mac If you are looking for a “how to” on setting up a VPN for Mac computers, then you no doubt already know what a VPN is and that VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. There are various reasons that one may wish to connect their

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  • top 3 recovery apps

    Top 3 Photo Recovery Software Programs for Mac

    If you have ever had your computer crash or even just accidentally deleted your own photos or other digital files, you know what true frustration is. Not only that, but you also feel a bit depressed because you just lost some precious moments in time that you can never get back. Before some new technology

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  • Tidying Up Mac, Ensuring Ways to Speed it Up

    It is common scenario that you experience some slow Mac performance. This can be attributed to different reasons. If you got already this Mac problem, then try to consider tidying up Mac machine and you can bring your Mac performance like a brand new machine. Tidying Up Mac Tips, Ways How to Speed Up Mac

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  • iclapper

    How To Remotely Control Your Mac With Your Hands Using iClapper Pro

    Clap On! Clap Off! Some may not know what I am talking about, but that saying was the famous words in a commercial back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. It was a device used to turn on and off your lights and other electronics with the clap of your hands. Now, there is

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  • batt

    How To Maximize Your Mac’s Battery Life

    The newest Macbook Pros have lithium polymer batteries. These batteries are suppose to get about 1000 recharges in a lifetime. If you have older notebook with an older battery, then the most it will hold is about 400 recharges and then a new battery will need to be bought. But, doing a few simple tricks

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