• ccleaner-review

    CCleaner for Mac Review

    It’s well known by most Mac owners that if you free up hard drive space on your Mac, it will in turn run faster and better. This can be done easily with a Mac cleaning program like CCleaner, which rids your Mac of junk. With so many cleaning utilities though, it is difficult to know

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  • cleanmymac-review

    CleanMyMac Review

    Cleaning your Mac is a necessary task if you don’t want to end up with a slow Mac, and it is an easy task if you’re using a Mac cleanup program. There are several Mac cleaning programs to choose from, so hopefully this review of the software program CleanMyMac, can help you decide if this

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  • mackeeper-review

    Mackeeper Review

    If your Mac has begun to slow down, and is freezing up occasionally then you may have considered getting a cleaning program to restore your Mac’s speed. Mackeeper is currently the number one product on the market for not only solving and fixing slowness and performance issues, but also for keeping your Mac secure, reliable,...

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  • antivirus-review

    Mac AntiVirus Software review

    Are you tired of running out at all hours to try to find some geek to fix your Mac? Most of the time, the culprit of a badly behaving computer is some sort of virus, and although newer Macs come with antivirus protection built in, it is not sufficient. Why? Because it is not kept

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  • magican-review

    Magican Review

    As with any computer your Mac will need to be maintained to continue running properly. Just because your Mac appears to run fine without any assistance from you that will not always be the case and the longer you let it go without doing some routine cleaning the more problems you will later experience. If

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  • Lion Cache Cleaner

    Just noticed that your Mac is running a bit slower this time unlike from the first time you use it? Well, it’s just about time that your Mac needs some cleaning and it is better done with Lion Cache Cleaner. Haven’t got this one yet for your Mac, read this review and you will know

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  • MacPilot: Your Mac Saviors

    You might be a competent Mac user but you find it hard to handle the Terminal manually and you wish there would be an easier way to tweak your Mac OS that way it should be. But the only question is how could you do that? Reality, most Mac users are not familiar in using

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  • iTweaX: Tweaking your Mac OS

    Mac OS such as Snow Leopard has hidden preferences that are not directly available in the OS however you can control it using the Terminal codes and with the help of other third party apps. Luckily, developers of iTweaX just come in handy in tweaking the Mac OS. What this app can do to your

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  • Disk Inventory X

    Even the fastest Mac computers will come to a point that the disk spaces are accumulated with apps and files and this can slow the Mac performance. It is necessary that Mac should undergo a thorough spring cleaning to remove all the unnecessary files. This is better down with Disk Inventory X. Just heard it

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  • Monolingual: Getting Unnecessary Language Packs

    The amazing part when your install your Mac OS is that it comes with language packs installed in the system. This can great but most of the language packs installed are not needed and this can really consume most of your disk space. You can try removing the unnecessary language pack in your Mac system

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