• Mac DVD Ripper

    Mac DVD Ripper is software developed only for Mac OS X users. It Administer a  category of powerful settings  that lets you select  the audio of different details or titles to modify , choose  DVD Audio track, clean out the audio of your DVD chapter, and also combine the audio from chosen title or detail

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  • App Cleaner review

    It is known to us that computer has been one of the most in demand and helpful tools to human race today. With the rise of new technology anywhere, a lot of jobs are requiring technical knowledge. From multinational companies down to schools and hospitals all are computer aided facilities. Thus, it is important that

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  • OnyX for Mac

    A mac that is really never clean out for sure your will give you a head ache. Having a slow computer has always been a nightmare for most of the mac users. No matter how computer savvy you are and how amazing your mac is, it needs to be free from overloading unwanted files. This

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