If you got any problem with your Mac, no need to resort into buying a new one because you can do a lot to tweak your Mac. You can optimize Mac performance by simply removing unnecessary applications, removing some items in the start up menu and other performance tweaks for your Mac system.

Optimize Mac Performance: Tips on How to Do It

Below are some detailed explanations what you can do to optimize Mac performance in simple ways. There are times that you will have problem with the startup process in your Mac and this can be attributed to a lot of reason. However there are so many ways that you can do about this to tweak the startup processes of your Mac like the first time you bought it. There are some simple ways that you can do about this and the following are below.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Startup Items
    There are applications that are by default on your Mac startup menu. If you have a lot of items at the start, the longer booting process it will take but then if you have fewer items then the faster will be the start up process. If you want, these items can be removed so that every time you boot your Mac, the faster it will take. Just simply open the System Preferences then Accounts, and then select the Startup Items. Identify what’s in the list of the startup items when your Mac boots. Remove some of them by simply selecting it from the list and then select the delete option. This will remove it from the startup menu every time your Mac boots.
  2. Log On Automatically
    You can save a lot of time during the startup process if you login to your account automatically. This is advisable for Mac that is not shared among the network and other computers. If you want to log on to computer automatically with your personal account just simply open the System Preferences>Accounts then click the Login Options, then choose the Automatically Log in as and then select your account.

Other Ways to Optimize Mac Performance

Another way to tweak your Mac us simply getting software and hardware device driver updates, disabling screen savers and theme and select only the right display and then obtaining third party applications that could tweak your Mac performance without spending too much on it. Other ways that you can do also includes disable file sharing if you won’t use it under System Preferences options and then Sharing, disable Remember Recently Used Items found under System Preferences> Appearance, disable Font Smoothing, view Photos by roll in iPhoto, turn off extensions that you don’t need, disable unused fonts, install more RAM, defrag Mac hard drive and a lot more.

If you can do this, you will notice a major difference on your Mac. You just simply optimize its performance to its best ability. You might think that these simple tasks means nothing to your Mac but actually this is some of the quickest way to optimize Mac performance.