Having some Mac performance issues lately? There are times as we use our Mac we noticed that some programs take longer to load or start up menus take longer to run. These are some of the common problems of a sluggish Mac and if you want to improve Mac OS performance, here are simple tips that will increase Mac OS performance in an instant without the need to speed a lot of penny.

Increase Mac OS Performance, Tips for You

Here are simple tips that you can do to help you increase Mac OS performance. It mostly deal will simple practices, sluggish Mac and other battery issues too. Just make sure to follow them and you will have your Mac running in good condition afterwards.

  1. Turn Off your Mac
    If you notice that your Mac has decrease its performance might as well consider to shut it down for a while and then restart it. No matter how stable your Mac that can stand for weeks or months being turned on, it also need some rest because it need to run some script maintenance for a while. These scripts normally run in a day or week and when the system is restarted it will check for some scripts that it hasn’t run.
  2. Be More Energy Saver
    This is another simple thing that you can do for your Mac. See what your graphics are set to by simply navigating the System Preferences> Energy Saver>then choose Higher Performance options rather than the Better Battery Life. This will allow your Mac to run faster graphics.
  3. Battery Update
    Battery issues are common to Mac that is 2 years old. If you want to avoid this one then condition the Mac battery. If you feel that your Mac needs a new one, install first the latest MacBook Pro Battery Update. To do this one just type in /System/Library/SystemConfiguration then click Go. Select file BatteryUpdater.bundle then choose the Get Info and version or type Command-I. If it says that the version is BatteryUpdater 1.3 then the system and battery are up to date.

Other Solution to Increase Mac OS Performance

If your Mac has still other performance issues then try these other suggestions:

  • See to it that power updater is plugged to Mac as well into the power outlet. If still the power adapter is not charging, then try unplugging and replugging it.
  • Check also whether the battery needs to be recharged. If the battery level is low then you need to recharge and if the battery indicator flashes five times this only means that you need a new one already.
  • Other way also is returning back the computer to its factory settings.
  • Install additional memory in your Mac. Just make sure that it is properly done and compatible with your Mac.

For your Mac performance issues, just follow these simple tips on how to increase Mac OS performance and you will surely have your Mac running in good condition. No need to speed more just to improve it because a simple battery updating and simple restarting might as well can do the trick.