There are many cool things that you can do with Automator to automate your routine tasks throughout your workday. Automator is a workflow that runs on the Mac OS X system.

Automator is very easy to use, allowing you to drag and drop workflow application for repetitive tasks. You don’t need to know any programming when working in this user interface.

Simple Tasks You Can Do With Automator to Automate Your Routine Tasks

Open Multiple Web Pages

It is common for people to start up their computers in the morning and load up the same web pages day after day. Wouldn’t you like a simpler way to load up all these pages at once? Well the Automator has a workflow application that can make this action happen.

Create a new application and then select the Internet section of the Library. Drag over the Get Specified URLs into the workflow window. You will be able to add the web pages you want to load up. Then add in the Display Web pages action.

Turn Text Into Audio

Turning your text into audio can be very beneficial on many different levels, such as for the hearing impaired or for you to listen to your text while working on other tasks. This application allows you to copy the text over to the clipboard and create an audio file.

To complete this action, you will need to create a new application and then locate the Get Contents of Clipboard action. This is located under the Text section of the application. Then you will want to drag the action over into the workflow window. After that, you will need to drag the Text to the Audio File from the same action.

Send Emails Easily To Repeated Senders

Do you send multiple emails to a certain person or group of people that are very similar every time? Then this workflow application could help you manage your time and get the emails written and sent faster. This application can address the recipient(s) with a pre-written email and subject line.

The first set you will do is to set up the new email message. You will want to fill out the recipient(s) email address, the subject line and then the content in the message field if it is going to be the same every time. Then click on Options at the bottom of the new mail message box. Make sure you click the box that states show this action when the workflow runs. If you don’t click this box, your email will automatically send the message when you open this application.

Play Your Favorite Playlist

Maybe people love to listen to their favorite playlist while working. Do you want to play your favorite audio playlist with only one click? Then this workflow is a great option for you. This application will play the selection you have chosen from your iTunes account.

First you will want to open up your iTunes account and then select your favorite music or audio clip. Then you will slide the file over to your Automator workflow pane. Then make sure you have saved the application.

Time To Quit All These Applications

When your workspace will get a bit cluttered and you will need to quit your applications running. Running a simple Automator application will allow you to do this one click.

To run this application, you will want to follow one simple step. Create a new application and add it to All Quit Applications, located under the Utilities section on the workflow. If they’re an application that you want to stay running, then you can create applications that can be an exception. Just add this application and it will stay open. Placing this application on your Dock will give you easy access to it and for you refresh it when needed.

If you ever need any help with the Automator, you can always use the help tab at the top to get assistance when using the Automator. There are numerous things you can do with the Automator. These 5 things you can do with Automator to automate your routine tasks, will just be chip off an iceberg from all the other things you can do, as well.

50 Melisse Deering

Melisse Deering is a trained Mac expert as well as a passionate Mac user. She quickly realized the significance of Mac’s user friendliness and advanced features, motivating her to become an avid user and sequentially an expert.