These following features you should be using in OS X Lion are going to help throughout your day with your routine tasks. Apple’s latest platform, the OS X Lion has more than 250 new features. This upgraded version will give you the latest and best features that your Mac can offer.

Features You Should Be Using In OS X Lion That Can Help You Throughout Your Workday

1. Keeping Copies Of The Same File

Before Lion, you were not allowed to copy a folder with the same name to a new location. This has now changed with OS X Lion, and you now are given the option to merge folders or keep them both, once they are merged.

To merge two folders together that have the same filename, you can press the options key and then dragging the folder over. You are then going to be presented with a window that has the option to either replace or merge. You will want to press merge. This will combine the files together.

2. Add A Signature To A Document

OS X Lion has now made signing your name on your Mac and PDF’s easier than ever. Before you were able to sign a PDF form, but it was a hassle for most people. It was easier to simply print out the PDF, sign it and then scan it back onto the computer.

Lion has an updated version of Preview and it comes with a built-in signature scanner. This new feature gives you an option to create a signature from your Mac’s built in iSight camera. You will need to sign your name with a black pen and on a white piece of paper. Then you can take a snapshot of the signature. This feature also allows you to save multiple signatures.

3. Screen Sharing Enhancements

Screen sharing has gone to a whole new level on OS X Lion. Two new features have been added that allows a user to not only view a display on another Mac, but screen share the screen for any account the person has access to while another person is using the Mac. This can even work if that person is logged into another account.

4. Dictionary To The Rescue

While browsing the Internet, have you ever came across a word that you need more information on? Well now you can now search and get more information from Dictionary, Thesaurus and Wikipedia with a click and tap. To bring up this feature you will select the word and then double tap with three fingers. This will highlight the word yellow and call up the information for you. This feature is supported on Safari and Text Edit.

5. Better Spotlight

Another great feature you should be using on OS X Lion is spotlight. Spotlight is a great tool to use when you need to locate a file stored on your Mac. It is like a filing cabinet in your Mac. OS X Lion has gone a bit further and added a couple new features. The first one allows you to drag and drop the file. This is great, because it allows you to search the file and then drag your file instantly into a email, browser, folder or anywhere you need to. Another feature you have is to instantly preview a file. You can move your cursor over any of the results and get a preview of the file. This works with almost every type of file.

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Melisse Deering is a trained Mac expert as well as a passionate Mac user. She quickly realized the significance of Mac’s user friendliness and advanced features, motivating her to become an avid user and sequentially an expert.