For Mac that has performance issues, basic mentality mostly of Mac users are that, their computer need to be upgraded to perform it better. Some would even spend money to buy computer components. This might be true but it is not always the best solution. Mac system can be maintained or upgraded to speed up Mac performance without the need to spend a lot. This just requires time and effort to take care of the Mac computer.

Speed Up Mac, 5 Tips How

Here are some helpful tips on how to speed up Mac without the need to spend a lot of money. Start with the basic steps and take it from there.

  1. Remove unwanted apps
    Unwanted apps can really fill up the disk and take up most of the space. Another thing, you will notice a slow performance even in simple launching of apps in the Mac system. What on earth do you need to keep all these unnecessary applications when in fact it is one cause of your Mac delayed performance? Better removed them, using apps such as AppCleaner or MacKeeper. It will help you to remove the preference files, folders, icons and other associated files with it. Then look into your Application folders and identify which of them are dispensable, identify the ones that you need and throw away all the unnecessary stuff.
  2. Restrict certain apps in your login
    If you think that your startup is taking longer to load than the useful operation then probably you have a lot of applications that are set in the log in menu. Remove them because this is the cause of the problem. Head into the System Preferences>Accounts and select Login Items. Go over with the list of applications, determine the unimportant and simply remove them. It could really save your startup time.
  3. Clean the Dashboard
    Mac is installed with tons of widgets and some of them are not the really important. It will only consume more of your memory and leave some lesser space for other important files. Better choose widgets that are really important to you and clean out the rest in your Dashboard. You can do a lot to spare some space for other important files.
  4. Run third party cleaning utilities
    Some cleaning utilities are great system optimizer. It can repair disk permissions, remove and scan for threats, locate for duplicate files, backup files and apps, etc. Running them will clear out cluttered files and will rejuvenate your Mac system. Just be keen in selecting the right apps that is compatible with your Mac.
  5. Update Apps and Mac OS X
    Running software that is outdated can be one of the reasons why Mac is running slow. So to speed up Mac better update your apps and might as well the Mac system. Updates can be downloaded easily and just waiting for you to install it. Just run the Software Update in the Apple Menu to get the latest and version for your Mac OS.

Conclusion on How to Speed Up Mac

speed up Mac
These five simple tips are sure way to speed up Mac without getting money in your pocket. Do this regularly and you can save an extra expense for your Mac rather than spending on additional components.