Day after day, we work on our Macs. Like our other surrounding such as our desk or office, things can become a bit dull. This is a great opportunity to customize your Mac and make it a more enjoyable time that will then lead us to become more productive. There are many different ways you can customize your Mac, but here I will show you the top 5 ways to customize your Mac. The followings ways will discuss customizing your login page, changing your desktop image, screen saver image, application icons and keyboard shortcuts.

1. Customize Your Login Page To Keep Your Mac Secure

The first thing you see when you turn on your Mac is the login screen. This is a standard boring page that is an aqua blue color. It will display your chosen icon and then your name. How about changing the background image on this screen to one of your personal favorite images?

Another reason to change your Mac’s login screen is because of a sticky fingered thief. Yes, some people wouldn’t mind swiping your pride and joy. For better chances of getting your property back, you could place your contact information on this screen. You can also place this simple statement on the screen, “This machine phones home every 10 minutes and reports its location”. This may make the thief a bit nervous and he may even return your Mac.

To replace the background, follow these simple steps below.

  • In Finder, navigate to Library and then Desktop Pictures
  • Drag AquaBlue.jpg to the Desktop to create a backup of the file
  • Find the JPEG image you would like to use.
  • Drag and drop the image it into the Desktop Pictures folder, and then provide your password when prompted.

2. Change Your Desktop Image

After logging in, the first thing you will see is your desktop background. This is one of the easiest modifications you can do to your Mac. When your are using a personal photo for your background, it is important to use images that are at least as large as your screen’s maximum resolution. This will help avoid any blurriness.

Here are a few steps to take to change your Mac’s desktop image.

  • Click on the Apple menu and then select System Preferences
  • Select Desktop & Screensaver and then select on of the designs that you like
  • If you want to use a personal photo, you can select a photo in the iPhoto Share menu.

3. Customize Boring Application Icons With New Ones

Mac has some very nice looking application icons, but did you know you could change them to what ever you want? Yes, that is right! Lets say you love the nature and animals. Well, then you can customize your Mac to have images of nature and animals instead of the standard icons.

To change your icons to another one follow these simple steps:

  • In the Finder folder, select the folder, file or volume with the icon you want to use. Then press “File” and then “Get Info”.
  • Click the icon at the top of the resulting window to select it, then select “Edit” then “Copy”
  • Next apply Get Info to the item with the icon you want to change.
  • Select that item’s icon in the new “Get Info” window, and then select “Edit” and “Paste”.

4. Make Life Easier By Using Keyboard Shortcuts On Your Mac

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to trigger an action without selecting the option through the menu. This means less clicks and a time saver. Almost all of the pull down menus lists a keyboard shortcut as an alternative. An example of a shortcut that has already been created is the shortcut for opening a new finder window. The command for this is “Command+N”. You can also customize the premade keyboard shortcuts or create your own.

To change an already existing shortcut follows these simple steps.

  • Open “System Preferences” and the select “Keyboard & Mouse”
  • Select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab
  • To change the inputs of the listed actions, select the one wish to change. Then click its keyboard command to turn it into a text field and enter the shortcut of your choice.

To create a new shortcut, follow these simple steps:

  • Open “System Preferences” and the select “Keyboard & Mouse”
  • Select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab
  • Press the “+” button
  • In the drop box menu, select the application you want the shortcut to effect and then enter the exact keys you want to use.

* Note: In Lion you will go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on the menu item in the left pane that you wish to change. Double click on the current shortcut keys to change (e.g. F11 and not the actual shortcut name), now enter your preferred key combination.

5. Give Your Mac A Custom Screensaver

Your screensaver is like a digital picture frame when your computer is not in use. So, why not let it display something you love to look at and will enjoy. If you really love your screensaver, you can use a free utility called Wallsaver. You can use this to keep your screensaver as your desktop wallpaper.

To change your screensaver, follow these simple steps.

  • Open “System Preferences” and then “Desktop & Screensaver”
  • Select “Screensaver” for a list of all the currently installed screensavers. You will be able to preview each on.
  • You will have the option to select one or select random to have a variety of screensavers to display.

Macs can have just as much personality as the person using them, when they are customized. Since you spend a great deal of your time on your Mac, it is better to keep it unique, fresh and all personalized. It is a pretty simple process to customize a Mac and make it your own.

50 Melisse Deering

Melisse Deering is a trained Mac expert as well as a passionate Mac user. She quickly realized the significance of Mac’s user friendliness and advanced features, motivating her to become an avid user and sequentially an expert.