For Mac that has performance problem, installing additional RAM will speed up the Mac system but what can you do to improve Mac speed without spending too much money and even do it for free. Would it be possible? Of course yes, here are six ways that will help you to do it.

Improve Mac Speed with these 6 Steps

Try these 6 simple steps to improve Mac speed for free.

  1. 1. Remove unnecessary files in the desktop
    Mac has to index the contents of the desktop once Mac OS X will load. This will cause a delay, so do your self a favor and remove these files to other folders and hopefully it will increase the speed of your Mac system every time the desktop will load.
  2. 2. Remove unnecessary items in your startup menu
    Your start up menu loading process can increase if you delete some of it in the login items. Just click System Preferences>Accounts and Login Items. You can view the list of applications that are set in your login items to remove the unnecessary ones by unticking the ones that you really don’t need at all. Like for example, iChat can be great in the startup menu but this is not really important so better not include it in the list.
  3. 3. Disable the Dashboard
    This is another speed up tip for Mac that works all the time. Dashboard can be great for your Mac but just switch widgets that are important and not consuming most of your disk memory. To disable them just open the Terminal and enter this command, defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES or you can also enter this command in the Terminal Window: killall Dock. It will disable this feature and can reclaim more Mac space for other important files in your Mac system.
  4. 4. Clear out the PRAM
    This is for MacBook only and to do this, reboot the Macbook while holding down the command+option+p+ r altogether. Do these until you hear the start up beep three to four times. This will in a way clear all the issues that can affect your non-volatile RAM settings. This will make your Mac to reboot faster.
  5. 5. Clear the PMU
    This works for MacBook, Pro and Air versions. This will help you to clear out non-volatile RAM settings on MacBook products. It will help in a way to clear out mis-configurations and other settings in your Mac. For your MacBook, make sure first that it is turned off, remove the power adapter and battery, press and hold down the power button at least for five seconds and then release it, then reconnect the batter and power adapter and press the power button and restart the MacBook.
  6. 6. Disable other unneeded system options
    If you are not using system features such as Wireless, Bluetooth, Internet Sharing and Speech Recognition, then better turn them off. You can improve Mac speed and at the same time save the battery life too.

Warp up on How to Improve Mac Speed

Learn and perform these 6 simple tips and you can improve Mac speed for free and without spending cash.