No matter how long you have been using your Mac; there will always come a time that its performance will slow down. This can be due to a lot of reasons and if you are not quite aware on how to improve Mac speed, then chances are your whole Mac system will bug down. To avoid this problem, it is wiser that you perform these simple tips to help you get the best from your Mac system without spending too much from maintaining it.

Improve Mac Speed, 8 Tips To Do This

Here are some particular tips that might help you improve Mac speed and prevent any performance issues later on.

  1. Change the Desktop Background
    Avoid using animated desktop background on your Mac because this can take up the resources instead. Try to change it by simply navigating to Desktop and then choose Desktop Background once you right click it. Choose the available images supplied by your system or you can choose photos that you want with file format such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.
  2. Change the window background
    Change the background window also by going to Library and Desktop Pictures where you can choose pictures that you want the same way for your Desktop Background.
  3. Tweak Screen Furniture
    Just simply click System Preferences and the Appearance to change the Mac user’s interface. You can have the option to change the Highlight color and smooth scrolling menus to make everything simple as you click the screen.
  4. Change Expose controls
    Expose is a utility that will help you find the right window among applications that are open. These are normally activated by shortcut keys and mouse pointer to the corners of the screen. By pressing this you can reduce all open windows side by side.
  5. Labe the toolbar
    If you use too mane toolbar icons and you can’t remember all of this, try labeling it by simply right clicking the toolbar and then select Icon & Text and label each button.
  6. Choose Desktop Items that you commonly use
    Try to determine icons, apps and other files that you just want to have in your desktop and try to remove the rest because it will only consume most of your Mac resources and will cause it to run slow.
  7. Customize Dock Shortcuts
    If there are icons and other items that you want to remove in your Dock then try doing it because this can start filling in your screen. You can choose plain options on the list of Dock settings to make it simple and less cluttered too.
  8. Repair preference files
    Some of the common problem that might cause your Mac to run slow is a corrupted preference files so try repairing it by simply navigating to Disk Utility then select the hard disk options on the list and select Repair Disk Permissions options.

These are some practical tips to help you improve Mac speed. You can do this on your own and you don’t need spend some maintenance expenses just to make sure that your Mac is running on its normal speed and free from any performance issues.