Before you want to speed up mac , there will come a time that Mac users would complain about their slow Mac. Even the most powerful systems can experience this problem, not because the machine is incapable of repairing this but the way the system is used is one of the reasons why this happens. For some, they would rather dump their old Mac and replace it with a new one. But doing this is not really practical because it requires extra additional expenses and wasted money. You can do a lot of ways to speed up your Mac without buying for a new one and here’s how to do it.

If you want to make your Mac run faster, then follow these:

Speed up mac, 9 Tips to Make it on its top performance:

  1. Repair Disk Permissions: You can do this by navigating to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility, then select your Macintosh HD and Verify Disk Permissions. If your system needs some repair disk permission options then you can perform it in your Mac. Enabling this will greatly improve you Mac performance and even your old Mac system will feel like a brand new.
  2. Clear out login items: It is a lot wiser to verify programs during the startup because most of these apps are really unnecessary and can delay your Mac login process. You can remove this by clicking the System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items and click the items that you want to remove.
  3. Clear out unwanted applications: You can view these apps under the Application folder. Determine first the apps that you want to save and those that you want to delete. You can better remove this by using some third party apps such as MacKeeper, AppDelete, etc because it can completely remove the apps and all the associated files with it.
  4. Clear out unused system preferences: Look for system preferences that you no longer need. You can easily disable them through locating it under the Library>Preference Pane and then removed it.
  5. Clear Desktop: Having too many apps and files in your desktop can really consume most of your Mac RAM and disk space. If you remove items in your desktop that you really don’t use then you can do a lot in speeding up your Mac.
  6. Empty Trash: Before you finally clean out your Trash better locate for items and files that you want to use in the future. Then if you finally decided what files to keep then remove the rest. You will be surprise that it generally helps in cleaning your files, saving extra disk space and most of all making your Mac to run faster.
  7. Turn off Universal Access: If you are not using this, then better turn it off and you can do this by navigating to System Preferences> Universal Access and then simply turn it off.
  8. Turn off Bluetooth: This is another option that you seldom use and turning it off can better improve your Mac. Just simply navigate to System Preferences > Bluetooth.
  9. Remove binary apps: You can really save a lot of your RAM and disk space by simply removing the binary items. You can do better by using third party apps such as XSlimmer or MacKeeper that is simply the best when it comes to slimming binaries in the system.

Speed Up Mac Conclusions

Doing these 9 tips will make your Mac run faster and Speedup your mac this time and this is a better option rather than dumping your Mac. Have a faster Mac performance with these tips that you should keep in mind.