Want to rejuvenate Mac that is having some performance issues? Well, you can try installing additional RAM to do it however there are other alternatives that you can do instead without the need to invest on additional RAM. This can be possible with these six simple steps.

Rejuvenate Mac by Doing this 6 Easy Steps

rejuvenate Mac
The next time you want to rejuvenate a sluggish and slow performing Mac, learn these six simple ways and you can have a better Mac afterwards.

  1. 1. Get rid of unnecessary files in Mac desktop
    Do yourself a favor by simply removing files and folders in the desktop because this can really cause some delay in your Mac performance. If you can do this, you will see an improvement in loading the desktop afterwards.
  2. 2. Eliminate other unnecessary items in the startup menu
    Loading process in your Mac can greatly improve if you delete some unnecessary items in the startup menu. You can do this easily by navigating to System Preferences, clicking Accounts and then Login Items. You can see the list of applications that are included in your Login, determine the ones that you really don’t need at all and delete them. Untick the ones that are really unnecessary.
  3. 3. Disable the Dashboard
    For some rejuvenating tips, this one can be effective too. Dashboard can be great in holding widgets but most of them will only consume hard drive space and disk memory. It is quite easy to disable them by opening the Terminal and entering this command, defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES or you can also enter this command in the Terminal Window: killall Dock. It will disable this feature and can reclaim more Mac space for other important files in your Mac system.
  4. 4. Clean the PRAM
    It works for Macbook only. You can do this by rebooting the Macbook and holding down the command+option+p+r together. Do this until you can hear the beep three to four times. By doing this, you can clean all issues that already affect the non-volatile settings of your RAM. And after doing this you can see that Mac improves every time you boot it.
  5. 5. Clear the PMU
    You can do this for Macbook, Pro and other Air versions. It will help you to clear out non-volatile RAM settings on your Macbook. Another good thing by doing this, you can clear out any mis-configurations and other errors in the Mac settings. Just make sure that MacBook is turned off, power adapter are removed as well as the battey. Then press and hold down the button for five seconds, then release it. Afterwards reconnect the battery, power adapter and then restart the Macbook.
  6. 6. Remove unneeded features
    Mac comes with other special features such as Bluetooth, Internet Sharing, Speech recognition and Wireless. Better turn them off if you seldom use them. This will rejuvenate your old sluggish Mac too and even save the battery life.

If you want to rejuvenate Mac that is slow and sluggish on its performance, learn these six steps and by doing this alone you can already spare yourself from spending some cash.