>For sluggish Mac, some of the best options are to buy a new one but this isn’t really practical. One of the easiest ways to do this is increase Mac RAM in order to enhance Mac performance. These have great effect on Mac performance because it will minimize the amount of time that the Mac computer will have to use the virtual memory. But before you decide to add more Ram make sure you know how much you need. To determine how to do these, the following steps below will teach you how.

Enhance Mac Performance with these Tips

enhance Mac performance If you want to enhance Mac performance, getting to know your RAM needs is one way to cure a sluggish Mac. If you what to determine how much you need more RAM then simply do the following tasks:

  1. 1. Restart the Mac computer
  2. 2. Used it for 0 to 15 minutes.
  3. 3. Fire up the Activity Monitor
  4. 4. Select System Memory on the bottom tab.
  5. 5. You will see the listing Page ins/outs with format such as “1424/9547”.
  6. 6. The second number will tell you how much the Mac has to use hard drive as its virtual memory, if this is higher than 3,500 then you really need more RAM.

You can do saving tips to spare your hard drive from cluttered files and applications and this can be done by the following:

  • Don’t go overboard your Mac with Dashboard widgets
    Just a reminder that if you go overboard with too many widgets on the Dashboard then chances are it will consume a lot of memory in your Mac. Trim down the widgets and use only the ones that you really need. This will somehow enhance Mac performance.
  • Perform Routine maintenance
    You need to do these to keep away those entire nuisances that are affecting the entire system and the performance as well. If you got more applications in your Mac it needs more maintenance routine so better run the Disk Utility under the Applications>Utilities and select Verify Disk and Verify Permissions just to make sure that everything is in good position. If you found errors then just simply choose Repair to fix the problem. You can try other third party applications such as Onyx, MacKeeper, CleanMyMac, etc to perform some maintenance on your Mac.
  • Avoid installing unnecessary applications
    Having too many applications is not a general problem but in some cases this can slow down Mac because it can consume memory space too. You may try to delete some of them in your startup menu by simply hitting System Preferences>Accounts, select your accounts and then determine on the list what apps you will remove or retain. Doing this will decrease the memory usage and spare your Mac from slowing down.

These Mac simple tips are important so you will know hen you go overboard in your hard drive space and if you need to have more RAM. But somehow doing these tips in order to spare your Mac hard drive space will greatly enhance Mac performance in the long run.