Ever wonder how you can manage your Mac computers without having a hard time to do it? Here’s the best application that will take care your Mac’s concern and that is with the help of Apple Remote Desktop. Don’t know how this application works? Get to know three ways to use Apple Remote Desktop by reading these simple tips below.

Apple Remote Desktop is an application that manages Mac computers on the network. It distribute software, offer real time online help to Mac users, develop software and hardware reports and automate routine tasks making sure that your desk is completely free from any unfinished tasks. Some features include the Automotor actions, Dashboard widget and Remote Spotlight search. It has online screen instructions and helps menus and even offer 90 days telephone support services. With this app installed in your Mac computer, mac remote desktop becomes so easy  to do every job.

apple remote desktop  app screenshot

Its newest version apple remote desktop app comes even with more than 50 features for desktop management system, software distributions,mac remote assistance and asset management. It uses 40 Automotor actions for ease of doing repetitive tasks, Dashboard widgets that provides remote assistance and Autoinstall that will automatically install any software updates that are available.

below you’ll find how to use apple remote desktop.

Here are three ways to use Apple Remote Desktop:

  1. Installing software updates: Most of the time installing and updating certain software can be hard on the network. Where you are required to use any package or third party apps to copy the application and install it in your client’s computer. With Apple Remote Desktop, it will alert the Mac users for any available upgrades and restart the machine on remote location. It takes care of distributing the packages for installing the applications on client computers. It even allows you to schedule your installation where you can pick the most convenient time for you and the Task Server will track and install the package once the computer is online.
  2. Automate routine administrative task: With the Automotor actions included in Apple Remote Desktop features doing time consuming administrative task will be history. With this feature, you just drag and drop actions that need to be performed and it will construct a workflow for you. Actions that are included are setting the desktop pictures, changing the Finder preferences, Energy Saver preferences and a lot more.
  3. Offers immediate help and support to online users: With its screen sharing features, you can offer immediate help to remote users saving your time too. You even have the full control of the system where you can hide any admin tasks and protect your privacy too. With apple remote desktop, you can access and observe the computers that runs on the network. You can even copy and remove files or folders between local and remote systems.

These are three ways to use Apple Remote Desktop. It can manage and take full control of your computers as well as the clients that runs on the network. You can easily monitor their work and handle administrative tasks easily and update software too. You can get apple remote desktop from the app store ,