Any computer users would just want to know how they can boost speed of Mac. Most of the users of Mac favor Mac machine because of its speed but when it does not deliver the speed that we want, normal reaction would get discourage. But then before you get disappointed on your Mac machine try and learn these simple tricks that can boost speed of Mac without the need to buy a new one.


  1. Restart Mac.
    This is one of the obvious ways if you want to increase the speed of your Machine. Several weeks of Mac usage will eventually slow it down and if you want to speed it up a simple restarting might do the dirty work.
  2. Increase RAM or upgrade Mac CPU.
    This is the most effective step to boost everything in your Mac.
  3. Make sure to have enough hard drive space.
    If you run too many applications at the same time will eventually cause your Mac operating system to slow down. Make sure to leave at least 10% free space on your Mac.
  4. Remove some startup programs in the startup menu.
    There are several programs at the startup menu that will eventually run when you turn on your Mac. Find out if these programs are necessary to you and delete the ones that are unnecessary. Just simply go to System Preferences then Accounts options.
  5. Turn off other features in your Mac.
    Universal Access, Bluetooth, Speech Recognition and Internet Sharing can really cause slow down on Mac performance thus it is always advisable to turn these off when you are not using them. It can be disabled under the Preferences options. They will eventually save RAM and speed up Mac in return.
  6. Remove unnecessary Language Packs.
    Mac comes with pre-installed language packs but some of them are not important to you. These can really consume Mac space and even slows down the system. It would be wiser to run Monolingual utility to remove these language packs that you don’t need at all.
  7. Avoid using Dashboard Widgets.
    Although they are useful, they can also consume Mac resources. Removing them will eventually speed up Mac and gives an extra space for other important files.
  8. Clean up Desktop.
    Having cluttered Desktop is another cause why it tends to act slowly. Organize files and application in one location and remove large files that you don’t need at all. This will loosen up and give an extra room for other files.
  9. Avoid using animated backgrounds.
    Although they are cool in the background this can also slow down how your Mac will perform. Just use simple and plain pictures instead.

These simple tips will work on your Mac system to boost speed of Mac machine without the need to spend expensively on hardware and software. This will certainly increase the speed of Mac machine. Do these simple and easy tips when you think that your Mac is already running slow and some applications are taking longer to load. This requires a simple common sense to make it work in your Mac machine.