If you got slow Mac performance then probably you got full hard drive. This is the right time for you to do some clean Mac tips on your hard drive knowing that it is already running out space. Getting rid of these unneeded stuff on you Mac might speed things a little bit. So what to know how to clean up Mac hard drive? Read on and find out how below.

Clean Up Mac Hard Drive to Speed Things

If you want to clean your Mac the first thing that you would ask is where to start with it. The necessary thing that you should do is knowing what files and applications that you have in the system that you can get rid of. You can check it out first with your download folders because you got files and downloads that you don’t use anymore. This is true if you download some application and install it and forgot to clear it out in the folder. Most likely all these files will get accumulated in your drive. You can use utility tools to help you find all these large files that are taking most of your disk space. You can try downloading Omni Disk Sweeper or MacKeeper to give it a try.

After knowing all these large files that are hogging your system, its about time to delete them. Once you finish analyzing which folders and files are consuming most of your hard drive space then its about time you delete them. Might as well install applications such as AppTrap or AppDelete because it can delete files and all the associated files with it completely out in the system. What about other files in the system? What’s good about Mac is that it is pre-installed with maintenance scripts that can clean system logs and other temporary files without you knowing it. These scripts are set to run automatically so you can benefit everything from it. Just make sure that you set it when your Mac system is idle too.

Well if you think that you are done already, then think about agian.Just don’t forget that you need to delete some langauage packs too because this can clutter your hard drive. Once you install applications on your Mac, it already comes with its own language packsand these normally take tons of space on the hard drive. So better remove them by using helpful utility known as Monolingual. This is a simple application that will let you select any languages that you want to get rid of. Just leave the languages that you used more often and remove the unnecessary ones.
clean up Mac
And if you think that you already clean up Mac, just don’t forget that you need to clear out the trash too. This will leave an extra room space for your Mac. The next time that you want to clear out things, just remember these simple tips that will help you remove files, applications and language packs in the system. You can use utility tools that can help you deal with all these culprits that cause your Mac to run slow.