Most computer users have this common misconception that only Windows are prone to viruses and other threats. This can be true way back before but today it has been proven that Mac systems are already no exemption to the rule. Most would complain these days that they already experience some performance issues and because of this problem many Mac users are compelled to look for ways on how to clean up Mac system. Before you follow these simple tips below, might as well backup all your important files to other location.

Clean Up Mac Practical Tips on How to Do This

Want to learn some ways how to clean up Mac in order to improve its performance? Well try this one below:

  1. 1. Determine what is hogging the CPU and Memory System
    Once you already experience that you got some applications that are taking longer to load and are not working properly then better run the Activity Monitor found under the Utilities options. Look over to the list and quit the ones that you no longer need especially the items in the startup menu.
  2. 2. Remove Completely the Entire Applications
    Determine applications that you really want and trash the ones that are unimportant. This is not proven to speed up Mac but somehow can give an extra space for other important files in the hard drive. There are third party applications that are effective in removing all associated files with the application.
  3. 3. Run some Maintenance Tasks
    If you want that your Mac system will run in good shape then run the Disk utility tool that is found under the Applications and Utilities. It will be helpful in repairing some disk permissions, clearing out cache and log files.

  4. 4. Reclaim Some Hard Drive Space
    Identify what certain applications are consuming most of the memory space and remove them. You can also remove redundant files and even widgets on the Dashboard. All these are effective in reclaiming extra space on your Mac.

  5. 5. Add an Extra RAM
    This seems not the practical way but eventually the easiest way to speed up everything in your Mac.

  6. 6. Update the Software
    Getting the latest version on your Mac system is necessary to speed some things. It can remove any errors on the applications and improve it somehow.

  7. 7. Remove Unwanted Threats
    There is a lot of Mac anti-scanner and anti-virus that you can download and install in the system to remove any threats in the system. You can try CleanMyMac, MacKeeper, and a lot more in the long list available in the market today.

clean up Mac

The next time you got some Mac performance issues and cluttered disk, always remember these simple tips above and perform some clean up Mac tips to resolve any issues that you and your is already experiencing right now. No need to spend something because these are practical ways that will compel you to clean the system without the need to spend too much in return.