At first you just love using your Mac machine but over time you notice that it’s gotten slow and crufty. If you got this problem with your Mac then its about time for clean up Mac. However, before you start uninstalling and deleting files in your Mac, just don’t forget to backup everything with your Time Machine or used other storage location. And if you are done, then its about time to get started with these tricks below.

Clean Up Mac Tricks to Keep Everything Tidy on your Mac

Find what is hogging your CPU and Memory
If your Mac is acting weird lately and refusing to do its task faster then it’s about time to fire up the Activity Monitor. You will see in the list all the running applications and processes on your Mac. Sort over to the list to determine what apps are hogging most of your CPU time. If you got some processes that you don’t need might as well quit it and delete them later on.

Clean the Startup Menu
It is also important that you audit your programs found under the start up menu. To do this just open the System Preferences>Accounts and then click Login Items. From the list determine apps that you need and use more often and hit the minus sign for other apps that you want to remove on your startup menu. This will only cause your log in process to take slower.
clean up Mac
Uninstall Unneeded Apps and other Related Files
Like you did with your Login Items it is also important that you do this with your Applications folder and trash everything that you don’t need at all. This won’t really speed up everything but somehow will reclaim more hard drive space for your Mac. But then before you drag and drop everything on your trash you might as well need to install uninstaller programs to completely remove all applications and its related files out in the system. There are a lot of programs to consider for such as AppTrap, AppDelete, AppZapper, Hazel, MacKeeper, etc.

Do Some Mac Maintenance
It is also important to keep your Mac disks up to shape and you can do this without needing some extra software. Just run the Disk Utility found under the Applications in order to verify and repair disk permissions. This process can take some time so better do this when your Mac system is idle. You can ask for help of other maintenance utility such as Onyx that can perform some Mac customization and cleaning options. You can even schedule this maintenance tasks either daily, weekly and monthly. This will clear out logs and system caches that can improve the performance of your Mac. This can also fix any system and application issues that your Mac machine has
There are other tricks that you can do for your clean up Mac and these simple tips above are just enough to clear out unnecessary stuff that are causing your Mac to run slow. Do this once in a awhile and any performance issues with your Mac will be resolved in no time.