Got problem with your Mac lately? You want to open your Mac applications but it feels sluggish this time. Well, you might need to do some cleaning but don’t know how to do it. So if you want to know how to clean up Mac, here are simple tips that you need to do to clean your Mac system.

Clean Up Mac, How?

Remove old iChat logs: Part of cleaning up your Mac system is to the stored logs in your chat. Mac uses an iChat application that allows you to chat anyone who is online in your list. If you want to remove the logs just go to iChat> Preferences >Messages then select Sava Chat Transcripts To and locate your desired folder. Normally, the default folder is iChats Document folder but then you can store it in different location. iChat save a lot of log file in every chat, this is important if you want to review your conversation but in the long run this could really take up a lot of space. Once you open the folders all the log files are organized by date so it will be easy for you to save the log files that you find important and at the same time freeing a lot of disk space.

Get rid of application backups: Like iChat there are other applications too that offer automatic backups and store the files in the folder  like for example the OmniFocus allows you to choose the location for backups while BBEdit store the backups in My Documents folder. However saving these backups may take up a lot of gigabytes in your Mac space and the only way that you can prevent these is delete the backup files. You can even use third party applications that will help you locate all these duplicate files.

Remove also Mail downloads: At times attachments to e-mails are stored normally in the messages but then if you double click all these attachments these are stored in the Mail Downloads folder. You will see that there are dozens of files that already occupy a large amount of disk space and you can delete them easily if you want to have a spare space.

Delete other log files: Mac usually stores a lot of log files that at times you are not aware about it. If you want to verify it just open the Console application under the Applications>Utilities and you will see the Console Messages window sidebar. If you think some of these files are already affecting Mac, you can delete some of large files. You can even use apps like MacKeeper, Onyx, etc to help you deal with these unnecessary log files.

Tidy up iTunes dupes: You might not notice it but you might have a lot of duplicate files in your iTunes library, but iTunes alone can handle and locate for these duplicate files. You can select the File> Display Duplicates. It will then show the duplicate name, artist and album. Verify all the files before getting rid of the duplicate ones.

If you want to know how to clean up Mac, these simple steps will surely help you to do it. Cleaning more disk space is surely an effective way to have a clean and improve Mac performance.