Mac computers are known to be faster and user-friendly thus Mac users often find it easy to stock their photos, music and other files in the machine. They are not prone to getting sluggish but over time this can happen when Mac system need to work hard because it is already filled with a lot of files and applications. Cleaning up Mac can somehow help make it run better and faster and reduce this pesky slow performance. Here are simple tips that you can do in order to avoid this dreaded problem in the future.

Cleaning Up Mac with Five Easy Steps

For cleaning up Mac tips, here are simple ways to do that:

  1. Step1: Fire up the Activity Monitor so that you will know what applications are hogging the RAM. Just click on the Applications folder then choose Utilities then the Activity Monitor icon. Then click on the System Memory tab so see how much memory usage that your open applications are using. If you already notice that your applications are taking up a lot of your RAM, then close them after using it.
  2. Step2: Remove some of the items in the startup menu. These items in the start up menu are applications that launch automatically when you log in the system. In the long run this can really slows down the system if they are piled up. To avoid this one, just go over to System Preferences, click Accounts then Login Items then review over to the list. If you got so many applications that are running every time you log in then better remove the extra that you don’t need at all.
  3. Step3: Run uitlity tool such as Disk Invetory X in order for you to know what files are taking up most of your Mac space. It will show you a visual presentations of what files and applications are taking most of your Mac space. This will help you decide what applications to trash if you don’t need them anymore.
  4. Step4: Use also uninstaller programs to help you completely delete certain applications on your Mac. They have an easy to use interface that are normally drag and drop if you applications to be deleted in the system. There are times that some applications create folders in the library and caches that you often miss out when you delete the applications. You can try uninstallerprograms such as AppCleaner, CleanMyMac or MacKeeper inorder to remove applications and all its related files and folders. Some of these uninstaller programs are available for free to download.
  5. Step5: Remove clutter desktop. At times you also got files and folders on your desktop that you don’t need. This can really cause your Mac slow down because each icons on the desktop are treated as open programs and consume also some Mac space. Better file them in other locations to save an extra space for other important files.

cleaning up Mac

If you are quite serious with cleaning up Mac system, then try these simple tips above and you can lessen the possible slow down of your Macperformance.