Before, most computer users would often believe that only Windows system can be affected with viruses and threats but when Mac system get affected with threats a few years back, chances are it can cause a slow performance. Both Windows and Mac platforms are suffering from sluggish and slow performance but with Mac, all they need to do is to cleanup Mac without the need to spend a lot. Here are 6 tips on how to clean up your Mac system.
cleanup Mac

Cleanup Mac with 6 Easy steps

But before we go over to your cleaning tips, make sure to backup all the applications and other important files in other portable devices and secured location. So to cleanup Mac, here are effective tips that you can do to improve the whole system.

  1. 1. Determine first what is hogging the CPU and memory. If you notice that the system is a little bit slower to load applications or already refuses to do its work then open up the Activity Monitor found under the Applications and select Utilities. It shows the list of applications that consumes most of the memory space. Determine which of them are unimportant and remove it from the system to improve the system.
  2. 2. Remove unimportant applications and other associated files with it. It can help the system if you clear out the applications that are useless to you. This might not make your Mac to run faster but at least clean out the system and regain more space for other important files. To make it more efficient you can choose other third party applications that can clear out the items associated with applications that you deleted.
  3. 3. Do some maintenance routine. Running the Disk Utility that is found under the Applications is the way to do this. It can perform repair disk permissions and have it schedule either daily, weekly or monthly. This is an effective approach in clearing out the system for any cache, logs and other unimportant files.
  4. 4. Regain some extra hard drive space. Know what are consuming most of your Mac space. So locate for redundant and unnecessary files and remove them out in the system. You can also review your Dashboard widgets, language packs and other apps that are not important for you, better remove them also.
  5. 5. Perform some troubleshooting. If you got any Mac performance issues then better do some troubleshooting techniques. It will be best also to ask for help from the experts before doing this. In a way you can already cleanup any cluttered files and other problems in your Mac system.
  6. 6. Use updated software. Software updates are readily available for you and you can even download and install it easily in your Mac. It will even help you to resolve any software issues if they are updated more often.

This cleanup Mac tips will surely improve the Mac system that has some performance issues lately. This is also simple without the need to speed some cash in every step that you need to do.