It’s about time you do some disc cleanup for Mac if you noticed that it is performing a little slower this time. This can help to speed up your Mac performance and revive it again. There are a lot of ways to free some space in your Mac disc and find out here how to disc cleanup Mac.

Disc Cleanup Mac, Ways to Do It

Before you decide to replace your Mac hard drive with a larger model, I suggest you follow these simple tips on disc cleanup Mac in order to free some space in your disc without spending new hardware.

  1. Determine the available space on your startup disk

This is the first thing that you need to do in order to determine how much space is available in your disk right now. It is quite simple to do, just go to Finder menu, choose the startup disk icon then press the Command I in the keyboard and the Get Info window will show you the capacity, available space and used space on your startup disk.

  1. Empty the trash

Some people often neglect to do this but actually doing this periodically will give you an extra disk space. Just go to Finder options, choose the Empty Trash options. Just make sure you trash files that you no longer need.

  1. Archived old files

You can regularly move, copy, backup or delete files that you no longer use to other storage medium such as CD or DVD. Doing a comprehensive backup and recovery should be implemented in your Mac to protect your files too.

  1. Clean the system logs and other temporary files

This is part of your Mac OS maintenance to free some disk space. System logs and temporary files can even cause some delay in your Mac performance and cleaning this periodically can help a lot to improve the Mac performance and free up some disk space.

  1. Removed localization files that are needed

Localization files such as languages are stored in Mac OS once you install the operating system. You can remove the unneeded localization files. Some of apps that can do this are the Monolingual.

  1. Uninstall unused application

Some free trial software that is installed in your Mac disk also consumes a lot of memory space, it is wiser to uninstall and delete them permanently in your Mac disk try Wise Uninstaller to do that.

  1. Delete iTunes library file backups

iTunes apps normally create backup of current Library files, if you no longer need these files then trash the old ones by going to the Home options then select the Music options and Previous iTunes Library folder.

  1. Move iTunes files in another disk partition

Changing the location of iTunes music folder to another location can help a lot to free some disk space.

Conclusions on Disc Cleanup Mac

Disc cleanup for Mac can be done in a lot of ways. These simple tips can do a lot to improve your Mac performance and free some space in your Mac disk. This can even save you an extra cost for buying a larger hard disk. Do this periodically and you do a lot in freeing up some disk space memory that you might need for your other important files.