Mac system offers only the best just to keep their users satisfied. And talking about application, here’s the newest edition to Mac apps and this is speech recognition that works for Mac. Dragon Dictate offers commands from speech to text on your Mac system. Get to know how this app works for you.

Dragon Dictate App

Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0

This apps offer accuracy and productivity when it comes to speech recognition. It works for personal users of Mac as well professionals. It even has medical edition that supports medical and dental specialties and legal edition that works also for legal terms. Another edition it has is the international version that supports English, French, Italian and German. And the MacSpeech Scribe will transcribe text from audio recordings either in your Mac, iPhone and digital recorder.

It will input text by simply speaking on your Mac and this is quite faster than typing it yourself. It even allows the Mac users to use other applications on Mac just simply using their voice. This app is built upon the Dragon speech recognition engine whereby it gives you a complete command for your Mac. This time it will be easier and accurate to produce reports, e-mails, articles, research notes, online content and a lot more.

You know that with Dragon Dictate, your work will be done a lot faster and stress free on your part wherever you are, at home, work and school. Even novice users can’t get started and used this app.

Dragon Dictate Features

Turn speech to text: Instead of using the keyboard you only need to use your voice in order to produce text. When you speak, watch as the words will appear on screen in whatever Mac applications that you have.

Reveal creativity: This app will transform your ideas into text in just a matter of seconds and you can become productive and creative just by using your voice. Don’t let typing delay your work.

Comfortable to work with: You can control your Mac apps without the need to use your keyboard as well as controlling commands and launching apps too. The cursor will move anywhere you want by simply dictating it.

Performs multi-task: This time Mac can perform multiple task such as replying to messages or opening document applications. This creates automated workflow of all your Mac operations.

Work the way you want it: You can have a control to the digital world with the use of your voice alone. You can even add your own personal terms with the use of voice commands.

Built for Mac: It has easy to use interfaces that allow you to improve your work. And even works for other Mac apps including iChat, TextEdit, Safari, Mail and iCal.

Offers accuracy: It offers 99% accuracy rate in your work and other personal operations on your Mac.

Say goodbye to typing: Say goodbye to misspelled words and other typing constraints.

These are all what this app can do to your Mac and a lot more actually. If you want to have it in your Mac you only need at least Intel-based Mac, Mac OS X with 10.6 versions, internet connection for app registration and USB microphone for Mac.

This time working on your Mac is a lot easier from speech to text. With
Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0
you can control your Mac world by simply using your voice.