Did you wonder how you can speed up sluggish Mac OS? Most Mac users would wonder how they can increase the speed of their Mac over time when the system load a little bit longer compared before and some applications run slower. You just can’t ignore the fact that there is really something wrong with the system. Here are five Mac tips on how to increase the speed of your Mac in times issues on this will happen.

Sluggish Mac OS, Simple Ways to Speed it Up

If you got sluggish Mac OS, here are some simple tips to speed it up.

  1. Tip 1: Clear out the Desktop

    Clearing out the Desktops does not really mean that the performance will greatly improved but somehow this can make the processes better unlike having a cluttered desktop. Determine what applications or files you want to remove out of the system and store it in other location instead.

  2. Tip 2: Reset PRAM

    Just no matter how you think you got a stable system, your Mac needs to be shut down once in a while. It is important to reset the PRAM and in order for you to do this just simply shut it down then wait for 30 seconds then turn on the system back. Then push the power button while holding down the control plus P and R. The screen will light up and chime music will play. Do this at least three times and release the keys afterwards. Then reboot the computer.

  3. sluggish Mac OS

  4. Tip 3: Get Rid of Unwanted Items

    Every time applications are installed in the system, they are placed in the startup items automatically. So every time you run the Mac OD, these applications will be loaded too causing it to load a little bit slower. If you want to settle this issue better remove unnecessary stuff in your startup items by simply opening the System Preferences>Accounts>select your accounts and then Login items. Identify on the list of apps that you want to remove.

  5. Tip 4: Install cleaning utilities

    There are a lot of handy utilities that are quite reliable in cleaning out your Mac system. They can clean and empty cache files, log files and temporary files. Applications such as Onyx, CleanMyMac and MacKeeper are some of utility tools that you can rely on. Try downloading it in your system and see what it can do to improve its speed.

  6. Tip 5: Create new accounts

    This is another move that you might want to consider for. This is like reinstalling your Mac OS to make it faster. You also need to reconfigure your emails and other applications that require new user accounts and password.

  7. So every time you feel that you have sluggish Mac OS, don’t wait for the time to regret that you don’t do anything to speed it up. These five helpful tips can improve your Mac speed and improve it a little faster unlike before. These are so simple that you can do it in your own and every time that you got a slow Mac system.