Over time as you use the Mac system, performance will degrade in the long run because the hard disk space will be filled up with files and applications that you use everyday. Some are even unnecessary in the long run and you tend to forgot it in the hard drive. However, having slow Mac performance is not really a big problem because you can do simple things to speed it up somehow.

Ways to Improve Slow Mac Performance

  1. 1. Upgrade Mac Hardware: This is one of the proven ways on how to boost the whole Mac performance. However you need to consider all the manuals and expert’s advice regarding the compatibility of your Mac system to the new models of RAM and hard drive that you intend to add in the machine. This also requires more money if you want to invest on this.
  2. 2. Clean up the Desktop: Having tons of icons in the desktop can cause your Mac performance to run slower. These icons are often regarded as opened window and it also consumes Mac memory. Over time this can be a problem on your machine because it consumes the space which is supposed to be for other important files. Move them in other location to save your Mac performance.
  3. 3. Remove unwanted items in the Startup Menu: Once you notice that the startup time is taking longer then consider deleting some of the applications that you don’t need at all in the startup menu. Open the System Preferences, click accounts, select your account and then Login Items. You will be surprise that the list will show you so many applications that you can disregard if you don’t want them at all. Doing this will somehow speed up the booting time.
  4. 4. Remove unnecessary Dashboard Widgets: Widgets can really be useful but in reality this can eat up the memory space even if you are not using it. This will cause your Mac to have lesser space for other important applications and most of the time will cause to system to run slower. Try to disable them if you find it not that really important.
  5. 5. Clear out Browser applications: Browser is one of the important applications in the system but this is one of the many reasons why your system tends to run slower. Better clear out the browser history and other temporary files because in the long run when these are accumulated in the system can really affect not only the performance of the applications but the Mac system in general. Try to uninstall some extensions that are not that important and eliminate add-ons in order to speed up the installation and other processes that you have.
  6. slow Mac performance
    There is no really perfect solution that can assure you that the slow Mac performance will not happen again in your system because over time this can really occur. But then with these simple tips above you will know what to do when you notice that the system is taking longer to process certain tasks that is quite different before.