There are times that your Mac hard drive is already full of files and most of it is hidden files. Some are hidden to ensure that your Mac is running smoothly. Sometimes you need to view these hidden files Mac because you want to use it or just want to locate the file again. Mac normally hides these files from users in order to protect it from any accidental deletion. But you can show hidden files Mac through different ways and the following below are the things that you can do about it.

Ways to Show Hidden Files Mac

Your Mac show hidden files by three simple steps and these are with the use of application, preference pane and good command line.

Application Method: You can view hidden files Mac with the help of application and this is the simplest way to do it. Some of applications that you can use are the Houdini. Using applications like this one will help you to hide or show files or button with just a simple click. You can also protect your important files by hiding it with the use of password folder method.

Preference Pane Method: You can use preference pane such as Secrets if you want to show hidden files on Mac. This will also allow you to hide files if you want and can even access the deepest part of Mac operating system.

Terminal Method: For some this can be the hardest to do but only need lesser amount of your work. You can use this method through these following steps:

  1. Run the Terminal that is found under the Applications> Utilities>Terminal. This is normally found if you are using the Mac OS X Leopard version.
  2. Then type this simple code: “ AppleShowAllFiles -bool true”.
  3. Then restart the Finder utility with the use of “killall Finder” code just makes sure to capitalize the Finder. If you find it hard to do, you can restart your Mac OS X Finder by clicking the Apple on the upper left screen and then choose Force Quit option, then on the Finder options choose the Relaunch option.
  4. Then once you open the Finder window in the Dock options, click the Finder icon.
  5. You can view the hidden files with a dot and you can even create hidden files by simply naming them with a period or dot in front of the name of your file.
  6. Then you can now log off the Terminal by simply typing the exit command at the prompt or just simply quit the application.

Conclusion on how to show Hidden Files Mac

Mac OS X features hide files to make sure that everything runs smoothly but at times you just need to view these files. With these three ways you can show hidden files Mac with application method, preference method and Terminal method. Each of this process has its own pros and cons and find out what will be the most convenient for you. You can choose other applications to make your work easier but at times using the Terminal is quite reliable too.