Here’s the Quickest Solution for you to protect your mac from the latest Mac malware and spyware

Mac users are victims of this newest phishing scam with mac malware pretending to be a legit antivirus. Mac users are redirected from legitimate sites to fake websites where it tells them that their Mac computer is already infected with virus and they will be provided with the quickest solution and that is the Mac Defender anti-virus. However this is a malware and can cause havoc to Mac system if not remove soon, so how to avoid Macintosh malware?

Mac Malware, Avoiding it in your Mac

This application is malware software. Its main purpose is to get information regarding the Mac user’s credit card information and use it without the user’s knowledge. This is called sometimes as MacDefender, MacProtector and MacSecurity, where in reality they are malware lurking in your Mac system.

Thanks to Apple Company where they offer their newest software update that will look and remove this Mac Defender malware. If you want to how to remove it, here’s a simple step by step solution to remove this malware out in your Mac system.

Mac Malware Safely instructions

If you don’t want to install this malware in your computer, then remember the following:

  1. If you got any notification regarding these viruses, quit the Safari application or browser that you are using.
  2. If in case, quitting the browser doesn’t work, then Force Quit it.
  3. However, if the browser will automatically download and install this application cancel the installation process and avoid entering your administrator password.
  4. Delete the application immediately, just go to Downloads folder, drag the app installer to Trash and then empty it.

Mac Malware Removal Instructions

If in case the malware is already installed in your Mac, just make sure not to give any credit card information and use these steps to remove this malware,

  1. Close the scan window
  2. Find the Utilities folder under the Applications folder and run the Activity Monitor.
  3. Select the All Processes found in the upper right corner of the window.
  4. Look for the name of the apps such as MacDefender, MacSecurity or MacProtector.
  5. Select the Quit process found in the upper left corner and choose Quit.
  6. Then close the Activity Monitor.
  7. Open the Applications folder.
  8. Look for the malware.
  9. Drag it to Trash and then empty it.

There are times also that the malware is installed in your login items. You can also remove it by going to the System Preferences, choose Accounts and Login items. Choose the name of the app and then click the minus button. Remember to follow all these steps if you want to remove this malware. You can also use third party applications to do a mac malware scan and protection, you can choose MacKeeper, CleanMyMac and a lot more to remove these malware threats in your Mac.

How to avoid Macintosh malware? Follow the simple steps above and you will have no problem with this malware in your Mac system. Just be sure not to provide any credit card information once the malware already invade your Mac and do the necessary steps to remove the spyware form your mac. You can also choose other apps that could handle the removing of mac malware.