Clean Mac Hard Drive Space?Here’s How

One of the reasons why Mac becomes sluggish and slow is hard drive space that are already full of unused files and applications. When this happen, there is really a need for your Mac to clean up the hard drive to improve its performance and somehow clean it for an extra space for other important files. How to clean Mac hard drive space?

Simple steps to Clean Mac

Follow these Simple Mac Clean Up Steps

  1. Empty Trash

This is one of the simplest things that every Mac users should be aware of. It will really help to reclaim more disk space if Trash is being emptied more often. Even if you are not sure of what files to delete in your Trash, just try to delete some of it because it is not really practical to keep your files accumulating in your Trash bin.

  1. Remove unnecessary applications

Mac OS are pre-installed with applications such as Microsoft Office, FileMaker and a lot more. Some of them are not really necessary so better remove some of them to reclaim an extra space for your other important applications. You can do this by opening the Application folder and drag any unused apps in the Trash and then empty it.

  1. Clear cache files

Web browsers normally stores downloaded pages and files in cache. This can be helpful because you can reuse these files if you want to open those sites again. However, these cache files also eat up your disk space and you just need to free some space to improve its performance.

  1. Eliminate disk space hogs

It is practical really to delete any files that you don’t need or store it to other external devices such as CD’s or DVD’s. You can even run free applications such as Disk Inventory X that will tell you which files are taking much of your hard drive space and you will know what to delete and keep for future use.

  1. Run maintenance utilities.

There are a lot of utilities that will do Mac Clean UpHow to Keep Mac Clean effectively and some of it is MacKeeper, Onyx, CleanMyMac, etc. These apps can clean out your unneeded files, system caches, log files and other temporary files.

  1. Archive e-mail files

You can archive your e-mail files to reclaim some disk space and for your other incoming e-mail files.

  1. Ask for assistance from third party applications

For more cleaning help tips you can ask for assistance from third party apps that can help you reclaim your hard drive space and improve the system, like for example the AppZapper where it will go through the application folder and remove the unneeded apps that it will find.

  1. Get rid of localization and language packs

You can remove some of the language packs that you really don’t need and by doing this you even add some extra space for your hard drive. You can download Monolingual or DeLocalizer to make this procedure a lot easier.

Conclusions on how to clean Mac hard drive

Take down with all these tips on how to clean Mac hard drive space and you can start performing it in your Mac. As soon as you finish doing it in your Mac you will notice that your system will have more space for important files and speed the Mac performance too.