There are many advantages to being able to convert your PDF files into other formats. To do this though, it isn’t as convenient as it is to convert your files into PDF format, which is done by saving the PDF file in whichever format you want. Instead, you will need a Mac PDF converter program. Having a PDF converter for Mac is a big help for when you want or need to convert a PDF file to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, HTML, and EPUB. Most Mac converter programs are able to convert PDF files into all of these formats, and some even do more.

How To Use a PDF Converter For Mac Computers

Each Mac PDF converter program will be different in how it functions, but they are all pretty straightforward and easy to use. Basically there are just two steps. First you follow the program’s directions on how to open the PDF file you want to convert. Once opened you will then be able to choose from a list of formats to convert the PDF into. So for example, let’s say that you want to convert a PDF file or Ebook that is in PDF format, and convert it to an ePub format. To use the PDF converter as a PDF to ePub converter, open the PDF file in the program and select the ePub option from the list of available formats.

You can do the same for whichever format you want, and when done you can try it out by opening the file in the program it is related to. You can also choose to resave the newly converted file as a Mac Doc by choosing the ‘save as’ command. When using the program as a PDF to Word converter, Mac users can follow the earlier steps and the new Word document should then be able to open in most word processors. This is the same for all conversions, including converting PDF eBooks with a Mac PDF converter program that has a PDF to ePub converter option. Then you will be able to copy the output ePub file to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other devices, and you will now be able to easily read the contents on your eBook Reader.

Choosing your Mac PDF Converter

When you choose your PDF for Mac converter program, make sure that it can convert your PDF files into all of the formats that you need it to, not just now but in the future too. Therefore,  getting a converter that can convert multiple files and not just PDF, will allow you to have it all on one program which saves you money and hard drive space. The best choice in a Mac PDF converter is one that has the ability to convert your Mac PDF files into all or most of these formats: iWorks, Pages, KeyNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, HTML, and EPUB.

Two programs that are able to make multiple conversions including the ones listed above, and more, are PDF Converter for mac , and Nuance PDF Converter for Mac. Many Mac PDF converter programs, including the two just mentioned, have free trials available which is a great way to find the Mac PDF converter you like the best.

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