WHY You Need to Use Windows on Mac Determines
HOW You Run Windows on Mac

There are many reasons that you may wish to run the Windows operating system on your Mac OS X. Knowing what the reason is, can help determine how you should do so and which way will give you the best performance for what your using it for.

Run Windows on Mac OS X without rebooting!

The 4 Top Reasons Mac Users Run Windows on Mac:

  • Games: There are more games available for the Windows OS platform then there are for any other operating system, including Mac OS X.
  • Work: Although Mac has recently gained some ground in the corporate world, Microsoft Windows is still the most widely used operating system. Therefore, to connect to your company’s network, and use any work related Window’s applications you will need install Windows.
  • Window Programs: Some Mac users are required to use a Windows program for work, others say some programs, such as Adobe Flash, perform better on Windows then Mac, and yet others say they simply prefer the Microsoft version of the program.
  • Web Development: Web developers all have their favorite platform to work in, and although they may prefer Linux, or Mac OS X, they’re often stuck, for better or for worse, with Windows. Ergo, the ability to run Windows on Mac OS X gives web developers an option in which operating system they want to use, without the inconvenience and cost of having two different computers.

Which Program Will Best Run Windows on Mac

Which program you should use, is again determinate upon why you’re needing Windows in the first place. If your only reason to run Windows on Mac is that you need to use a single Windows app, then you can easily get by with using free or inexpensive third party software such as CrossOver, or Code Weaver. The benefits of apps like these two come from the fact that you will not need to download Windows on Mac, which saves you money and hard drive space.

Using an app from Apple called Boot Camp is another alternative for the occasional Windows use on your Mac. Boot Camp comes pre-installed on your Mac, which means that all you need to do is buy, and install whichever version of Windows you need. Boot Camp runs the Windows OS faster than any other third party software, however, there is a downside which is that you will have to reboot your Mac every time you switch between your Mac OS X and Windows OS. For those that are very minimally using Windows on Mac, this may be no big deal.

The best option for those repeatedly running Windows on Mac, or using it to run 3D games, 2D or 3D drawing apps and video editors is to use a program that uses the virtualization approach. This approach runs two systems at once, meaning that your Mac OS X and Windows OS will run side by side. By doing it this way you can use either system’s programs without rebooting. Although running two operating systems simultaneously is convenient, it should be kept in mind that both platforms may negatively effect your Mac’s performance due to the larger demand on its resources.

The top two programs that utilize the virtualization approach to running Windows on Mac, are Parallels Desktop for Mac, and VMware Fusion. Because both programs are very similar, you should consider downloading both of them via their free trial. This can help you determine which one you would like to use. For game play, Parallels 7 is recommended over Fusion. In a side by side comparison, Fusion beat Parallel by just 4%. So, whichever of these two you choose to run Windows on Mac, is more of a matter of preference rather than performance.

Which Version of Windows on Mac Do You Need?

The final consideration for running Windows on Mac systems, is which version of Windows you will use. Windows Vista is not recommended to be used in this way with Mac, leaving you Windows XP and Windows 7. However, before purchasing any version of Windows, be sure to check with your company to make sure it is compatible, and/or that any Windows programs you have will be compatible with it.

For whatever reason you wish to run Windows on Mac, the XP version is often the most compatible with the Windows programs you have, and with most company’s as well. If though, your employer is using Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, you could save a lot of money by asking your company’s IT department for a free copy.

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac is lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side

Run Windows on Mac In Two Easy Steps

As we went through above, there are only two things that you need to do to run Windows on Mac. The first step, is to download whichever program you’ve decided to use to add and work with Windows OS on your Mac OS X. The second is, if your choice includes installing Windows, which Windows version your going to install.

Once these two steps are completed you will be able to use either operating system anytime you wish, and with virtualization you can use Windows on Mac simultaneously. Some of the biggest benefits to using Windows on Mac, include saving money, convenience, and enjoying the best of what each OS has to offer, all in one computer.



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