Have you ever found something on the Internet while on your cellphone browser and wanted to print it off? I have many times, and before I knew about Dropbox, I never knew it was possible without a Wi-Fi e print capabilities. Many of us love to have everything digital, but sometimes we want to have a printout of certain documents. But, we aren’t always very close to a accessible printer. With Automator and Dropbox, you will be able to print documents from anywhere in the world and print content from your mobile device that is compatible with Dropbox.

Make Printing From Your Mobile Device Easier When You May Not Have E-Print Capability

Your Mac OS X will already have the Automator application, but you will need to download Dropbox on your Mac and on your Blackberry, iOS or Android smartphone. To get the application download, you can simply download it from www.dropbox.com. Setting up Automator and dropbox properly is important to make sure that your print project will work properly.

To get started printing your documents from your cellphone and anywhere in the world, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Open Automator and create a “Folder Action.”
  • Choose the folder that you will want to serve as the directory that will hold the content that will be printed
  • This folder will need to be saved into your Dropbox folder.
  • Find the “Print Finder Items” action and add to your workflow.

You will need to have Dropbox also installed on your Mac. If not, you can also download it from the above website and set it up on your computer. Then you will need to download and unzip the ePrint.vbs script. This will automatically create a new folder in your Dropbox application.

Once you have finished this process you can give it a try with a document you have on your cellphone. You can also print from any computer that shares Dropbox linked to your account.

  • First locate the document that you want to print. If it is an attachment in an email then open it
  • Once the document is open, click the export button in the top right hand corner
  • Click “Open in Dropbox”
  • Select the folder called “Print” and then upload the attachment
  • Once the attachment uploads to the file, Dropbox will execute and the file should start to print

Once you have Dropbox on both your computer and your mobile device setup, you will be able to print files. You may also email your files to Dropbox and then later move the file to the print file. This would not be perfect solution, but it is an option for some.

Print Documents Directly From Any Computer With Dropbox

Printing on your personal printer from any computer is now possible when you have Dropbox installed on your home computer and on the computer you are using away from your home. You will need to make you don’t print your main file in the Print Queue folder. You should save them in the main file of your choice. Then you can move a copy of the file into Print Queue. Then you file will be protected and will automatically print.

Dropbox is a very useful application that can be used to sync multiple computers together. Dropbox allows use to print documents from anywhere in the world to one printer location, sync files from computer to computer and stay synced together with calendars. Dropbox also allows us to save on paper print outs and keep files digitally synced.

50 Melisse Deering

Melisse Deering is a trained Mac expert as well as a passionate Mac user. She quickly realized the significance of Mac’s user friendliness and advanced features, motivating her to become an avid user and sequentially an expert.