Your Mac will eventually run slow when it aged. This is true especially when you are using too many applications and files in your Mac. Expect that your system will bog down if you don’t know how to maintain it. When Mac performance becomes an issue, normally applications will take longer to load, locating for files is quite hard to do and system crashes will be experienced by your system. You can prevent this from happening to your Mac if you learn to follow these simple tips to upgrade Mac speed.

Upgrade Mac Speed in 4 Steps

If you ever got a problem with your slow performing Mac, then better do these steps if you want to upgrade Mac speed somehow.

    1. Clean up Mac Desktop, Dock and Finder Windows
    One way to improve how your Mac performs is to do something about the way it looks. Having too many icons in your Dock is not really necessary so better remove them. If you are using applications more often then add them in the Dock or Finder menu. And if you want your tasks to be done faster than do some organizing and personalizing in your Mac system.
    2. Control Spam on your Mac
    Emails are one of the important applications that you need in your system whether for personal or business use. But then if you are not aware how to handle them, then you can attract a large amount of spam on your emails. Eventually this will only consume Mac memory space and will cause the system to load it a bit longer than usual. It is better that you know how to take hold of these spam before it will cause any problems in your Mac. Better organize your email accounts, one for primary, the other for backup copy and the other one is for disposable. If you do this you eventually reduce spam in your email account.
    3. Remove of Useless Font
    Fonts are needed in your Mac and the system is pre-installed with it. However Mac comes with a lot of fonts that got the same style yet with different names. Others are a duplicate copy while some are corrupted. If they stay longer in your Mac expect that it can affect how your Mac system will run. If you want to improve the speed of your system then better remove all these useless fonts that are only taking most of your Mac space.
    4. Clean up Desktop
    Getting a lot of icons in the Desktop is one of the reason your Mac can run slow. And if you want speed things up in your Mac then rearrange all these icons and better yet remove the ones that are really unnecessary. You can organize them into one place to make sure that your Desktop is less cluttered.

Just like any system Mac can really bog down in the long run if you don’t know how to perform these preventive measures above. Any performance issues will be resolved in your Mac in these several ways and expect that it will upgrade Mac speed in return.