Whatever Mac system versions you have right now, you really want to improve Mac speed. This is true for Mac users that got some performance issues with their Mac. There are simple ways that you can do about it to speed up the system and try some of these below.

Improve Mac Speed by Doing These Easy Tips

If you want to improve Mac speed then be mindful with these simple steps that you can do to achieve it.

  • Disable Dashboard Widgets: Widgets can really be cool in the eyes but in reality this can consume both the power supply and memory space of your Mac. You can disable widgets that you really don’t need by simply opening the terminal.app that are located under Applications>Utilities and then Terminal. You can also enter this code to the terminal “defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled-boolean YES” and then type “killall Dock” then hit enter and your Dashboard widgets will be disabled.
  • Close any Unnecessary Applications in your startup Menu: Doing this will speed up the boot time and even improve the performance of your Mac. Determine the applications that you really don’t need and remove them in the startup menu. Although this can’t really speed up the entire system but this will eventually speed up the booting process and load your Mac system a little bit faster.
  • Organize Desktop: If you got a messy desktop better organize them and place it in folders and store it in other location. Icons can also create cluttered desktop so better put them into the appropriate folders. This will maximize your desktop space and even your memory usage.
  • Repair Disk Permissions: Checking permissions of certain files and folders can help you correct any discrepancies if there are any of them. You can run disk utilities such as Spotlight and Disk Utility to repair some of these permissions. Just click the volume that you want to check and run the Disk Permissions and repair it. This will help you correct any errors that your disk might have.
  • Clear Caches and Temporary Files: One of the main culprits of Mac slow down is due to cache and other temporary files. Using the terminal command can somehow flush the cache files and clear it out. Just simply access the terminal by navigating to Utilities> Terminal or enter this command “sudo atsutil databases-remove”.
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  • Remove Unnecessary Language Pack: if you want to free up some hard drive space then better remove unnecessary languages that you no longer need. You can use software such as Monolingual to remove this unnecessary language pack in your Mac system. It has three tabs that you need to choose and then simply click remove.

These simple tips will help you improve Mac speed. Just feel free to do any steps above and you can somehow reclaim more hard disk space, improve booting time and organize any cluttered files. You can use other software utilities that will help you optimize Mac speed too and some of these are Monoligual, MacKeeper and other utility tools.