As Mac user you just want to improve Mac speed at all cost. But with practically, you can do this without the need to spend too much. There are just certain ways on how to deal the system to bring it back again to its optimum speed. Here are some of suggestions that you can try.

Improve Mac Speed with These Easy To Learn Tips

Here are some easy to learn tips on how to improve Mac speed without the need to spend money too much.
improve Mac speed
Remove Dashboard Widgets
You know too well that widgets are really nice to see but then this can also consume some of your system resources as well as your power supply. If the widgets are really not important better disable them by simply running the which is found under the Applications>Utilities and go over to the Terminal option. For an easy option better enter this code: “defaults write mcx-disabled-boolean YES” and then type “killall Dock” then press enter and Dashboard widgets will be disabled.

Disable Unnecessary Applications in Startup Menu
If you do this you can really improve the booting time and speed performance of the Mac system. So think first what applications that is not that important on the list and remove them. This won’t really speed up everything but somehow will change how your system will boot and system is loaded.
Arrange Desktop

Having cluttered desktop can really degrade how your system will work. So I better suggest that you place them in proper folders and files and store it in other locations. This is true with icons on the desktop, place them in appropriate location and you can do a lot to maximize the desktop space for other important files as well as save an extra memory usage.

Repair Disk Permissions
Performing some disk check on your files and folders can correct any discrepancies that the system has. So run utilities such as Spotlight and Disk Utility to do some disk repair permissions. To do this just chooses the volume that you want to check and then run the Disk Permissions to repair the hard disk. By doing this you just don’t improve the speed of your Mac but correct any discrepancies as well.

Clear Cache, Logs and Temporary Files
Having too many cache, logs and temporary files is one of the many reasons why Mac can run slow. You can clear these cluttered files so easily by accessing the Utilities then select the Terminal. Choose among the available options how to remove these cache and logs.

Here are your quick tips on how to improve Mac speed so easily without the need to invest money. Just learn how to do this one and it will be easy for you to maintain the system on its tops shape. From removing unwanted widgets, cache files, unnecessary applications and repairing the whole disk, you can already do something to improve the whole system. The next time you got some slow Mac, just remember to do the following tips above.