Most computers would favor to use Mac system because it is more stable compared to Windows. But no matter what kind of system you use right now, it tends to run slowly over time. This is true especially with Mac system that gets cluttered with files and applications and affects its performance later on. But then if you already got slow Mac, try these helpful tips below that will increase Mac speed in no time.

  1. Restart or Shut down Mac Machine once in awhile. No matter how stable you think that your Mac machine is compared to others, chances are it can really slow down over time if you don’t restart or shut it down for a while. You can check it out if how long your Mac system has been running by opening the Utilities>Terminal> enter uptime and then click Enter. This will tell you how long your Mac is running from the last time you reboot it. If you have the habit to restart or shut down your Mac machine then you can also clear out any junk files leaving the performance a lot better.
  2. Ensure the Mac Desktop is clean and Lean. Avoid having too many icons in your Mac because this can really degrade Mac performance. Icons on your Desktop can also consume Mac resources to better clear it out too if you want to see some improvements.
  3. Get rid of unused files on Mac hard drive. If you want your Mac to run smoothly then ensure that your Mac hard drive got enough space for other important applications and files. If your hard drive tends to have a lot of files then it will run slowly. Remove all these unused files in the hard drive with the use of freeware utility such as AppDelete, MacKeepper, Hazer, Magican and others and it will give you enough space on your hard drive.
  4. Upgrade Mac RAM. Another way to increase Mac speed is to add an extra RAM in your machine. This will speed up everything and gives you an extra room for other files and applications. Just make sure if you buy a new one it is compatible with your Mac machine.
  5. Clean out unwanted files and applications. You can have the option to either delete them manually or automatically. The best way to do this is use third party applications that will handle all these unwanted files in your Mac machine. If you delete them chances are you improve how your Mac runs in return.
  6. Monitor Login Items. Every time an application is installed in your Mac, they are placed automatically in the startup menu and eventually cause your Mac to run slow if it gets piled up in the system. Better remove unnecessary items and applications in your startup menu list by simply opening the System Preferences>Accounts>then select accounts and Login Items. Choose over the list of items what you want to remove or not and just hit the minus button.
  7. Delete unnecessary applications. Look over your Applications folder and see over the list of apps that you no longer need. Better remove them with the use of helpful tools from Stellar, Hazel, AppDelete and more to remove them completely out in the system. This will give you more space and at the same time increase the speed of your Mac.

Here are helpful tips that you can do with your Mac if it is already running slow. This will ensure that Mac performance will improve. Doing this is your ultimate solution to increase Mac speed faster.