No matter how large hard drives that your Mac have, there will come a time that large files on Mac will start to accommodate most of its space. And if you will just take it for granted, you will soon find out that your Mac won’t be able to accommodate the other important files that you have. So how can you find large files on Mac and delete the unnecessary ones.

Large Files on Mac, How to Deal with It?

Finding large files can be dealt easily with Mac. All you need to do is open the File menu found under the Finder. Then choose New Smart Folder from the scroll down menu. Once a new window will open choose the Computer options in the tab menu, choose size and then greater than from the list of options. Then choose the file size from 100MB to 1 GB. It will start locating for these large files. You can choose bigger file size from 50 to 100MB. Then you can select the small “I” where you can view additional information about the file. Go through these files and determine the ones that you need to delete and the ones you need to keep.

Other way to handle these large files on Mac is to create a smart folder. This is easy to do with the help of Finder too. So if you want to create a smart folder to so you can locate large files on Mac easily just open the Finder window then select the File options and New Smart Folder. Choose the Other options from the drop sown menu and choose the keyword size. Then select the OK button. Select also the greater than options and type in the file size that you would like to search. The Finder will look for these files that match the description of your criteria immediately. If you want to save the smart folder, just click the Save button in the top right window of the Finder. It will ask for the name and location. So the next time you want to locate all the large files in your Mac, you can locate it easily in the smart folder.

Doing this can really save you a lot of time and space but beyond this tip, you can use other free and easy utilities where you can keep your Mac storage clean and free from any unwanted large files. You can use apps like MacKeeper, GrandPerpective, WhatSize and OmniDiskSweeper. Using these apps can help you to locate large files, organized it and even delete it for you if you want too.

Ways to find large files on Mac Conclusion

Even the most powerful Mac hard drive can get accumulated with large files on Mac that often times consume only the Mac disk space leaving no space for other important files ad applications. With the use of Finder and other applications it will be easy to locate these large files on Mac, organized them in smart folder and other locations and even delete the unnecessary ones. Doing this can leave your Mac clean and free from any cluttered files.