Mac OS X is often regard as simpler and less complex than the Windows platform but then this is not exempted for any performance issues. Over time Mac hard drive is filled with files and applications that can bogged down the system and cause your Mac slow down. But you can do something to prevent this to happen with your Mac. Its about time for your Mac clean up in order to delete unnecessary stuff that could piled up in your Mac hard drive and free some space to make your Mac run faster and better.

Mac Clean Up Ways to Clean Mac Hard Drive

If you got full of files on your Mac hard drive, here’s what you can do for your Mac clean up tips:

  1. 1. Backup the hard drive. This is the first thing that you should do before you start deleting your Mac hard drive files. This will protect your personal files if you happen to delete it by accident while cleaning up your Mac OS X hard drive. Better used a portable hard drive, flash disks or CD’s as your backup storage.
  2. 2. Empty Mac OS Trash Bin. Once you delete an items on your Mac, they are automatically place in the Trash. This will consume your Mac hard drive space so it is important that you empty the trash. To do this just click the Finder and then select the Empty Trash option from the menu.
  3. 3. Archive old and unimportant files. Archiving files will consolidate multiple files and folders into a single file and compress the data size leaving extra space for other important files on your Mac hard drive. To do this, drag any files and folders into a single files then right click on the folder and select Archive from the pop-up menu. Mac will compress each files into a single file. Then drag the archived file to yourbackup storage media and then delete the original copy on your Mac hard drive.
  4. 4. Run a cleanup application to delete unnecessary system files and logs that are taking up most of your Mac space. You can try using Monoligual and Cocktail that are good in running automated scripts and quickly scan the Mac system for any unused system files and folders and completely erases them in your Mac.
  5. Mac clean up

  6. 5. Uninstall unused applications. One of the culprits for cluttered hard drive are various software installations in your Mac system. Better remove them by simply navigating over the Applications and drag unused programs that you have in the trash bin. You can try using uninstaller programs such as AppZapper, AppDelete, MacKeeper,etc. to help you completely remove all applications and all its related files out in your Mac. Some of them are even free for download.

Doing some Mac clean up on you hard drive is necessary to keep everything clean and free from cluttered files and applications. This will reclaim more space on your Mac for other important files and applications and even speed up your Mac performance making it to run faster and better.