Any system can be cluttered in the long run and there are a lot of reasons for it. Over time as you use the Mac machine, it can feel a little bit sluggish, applications will load longer and the booting time takes longer. If you already got this kind of performance issues then it’s about time for your Mac clean up. Just before you do this one, make sure that you have a backup copy of all your important files and applications in other location.

Mac Clean Up, Practical Tips How

If you want to bring back your Mac to its optimum speed then might as well perform these Mac clean up tips:

Identify what is hogging the CPU and Memory
If you already notice that some applications are taking longer to load then chances are you already got Mac performance issues. Open the Activity Monitor under the Utilities options and you will see over the list are the applications and other process that consume most of your CPU usage. Better remove the ones that you find unnecessary.

Completely Uninstall the Applications
If you want to remove certain applications in the trash then better do it using uninstaller third party tools. It can completely move out the applications as well as all the other associated files with in the system. This will give an extra space for your other important files on the hard drive.

Perform some Routine Maintenance Tasks
Running the Disk Utility tool once in a while is helpful to keep your Mac running in good shape. Try to run the Disk utility under the Applications>Utilities. This is helpful in repairing some disk errors and clearing out cache, logs and other temporary files on the hard drive.
Mac clean up
Reclaim Extra Hard Drive Space
If you already determine what applications are consuming most of the memory space on your Mac then better remove them in the system. Even widgets that at times can be useful are also consuming most of the hard drive space. Determine what’s important and remove the unnecessary ones.

Add an Extra RAM
This seems the easiest way to speed up slow Mac however this is not quite practical because you can spend some money on it. If everything else fails, then this is one of the better solutions that you can do with your Mac because it will surely speed up everything.

Update the Software on your Mac
Having the latest version of your applications in the system will clear out some leak memory issues that it has and can even speed up the processes. Any errors will be resolved too if you update the software with its latest version.

Remove Unwanted Viruses and other Threats
There are a lot of Mac virus scanners that can help you clear out all the threats that are lurking in the system. Try the MacKeeper, Sophos Antivirus, Norton Antivirus and a lot more to keep your system running free from any threats.

If you already got some Mac performance issues then it’s about time to do some Mac clean up tips above and you will have your Mac running back on its top shape.