When Mac system store too many files and applications on your Mac then expect that your hard drive will be cluttered and this is one cause why your Mac got slow performance in the long run. You will experience applications take longer to load or even a simple start up can take longer. If you don’t want your Mac machine to experience this one then this is just the perfect time to do some Mac clean up tips.

Mac Clean up Tips, Practical Way to Speed it up

Just remember these following Mac clean up tips that you can do to speed up the performance of your Mac:

Run the Activity Monitor
If you want to identify what hogging your Mac system then run the Activity Monitor found under the Utilities. You can see over the list all the applications and processes that consume most of your CPU usage. If you identify some of these that are less important then better remove them.

Uninstall Applications Completely
Sometimes a simple dragging of your unwanted applications in the Trash cannot remove completely all the associated files with it. You can run third party applications that will clean out completely all the associated files with your applications. Doing this will give your Mac an extra space.

Do some routine maintenance tasks
Another way to keep your Mac run in good shape then ran the Disk Utility once in a while. You can found it under the Applications>Utilities. It will be helpful to repair disk errors, clear out cache, temporary files and logs.
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Regain some extra hard drive space
If some of your unnecessary files and applications are taking up most of your Mac memory space then remove them out in your Mac system. It can be useful also if you remove some widgets that you no longer need out in your machine.

Add an extra RAM
One of the easiest ways to speed up your slow Mac is to add some extra RAM. Although this requires some extra money to spend on but this is an effective way to do it when everything else fails. You can expect an improved and better Mac performance afterwards.

Update Applications
If you update your applications then you can clear out some leak memory that your Mac has. This will speed up processes in your Mac. Other disk errors will be solved once your applications are updated to its latest version.

Get Rid Unknown Threats
Mac system comes with handful of Mac virus scanners and removes threats out in your Mac system. Some of them comes for free and you can download it right away in your Mac. Some of the available utility tools are Sophos, Norton Antivirus, CleanMyMac, Mackeeper and many more.

The next time that Mac feels a little bit sluggish do some Mac clean up tips. Perform these simple tips more often every time Mac runs slower and your can bring its speedy performance in just a matter of minute without even the need to spend too much.