Mac Disk Utility, the Right Time to Use It

Over time as you use your computer, you may feel that it won’t normally start unlike the first time you use it. If you want to resolve any startup issues you have with your computer then it is just the right time to pick the right tool for your Mac and that is the Mac Disk Utility. When to use Mac Disk Utility anyway?

Disk Utility is one of your Mac OS X utility tool. You can even use it even if your computer starts fine as long as you want to check the disk for any file system issues.  This is applicable to use when you have Mac OS X 10.4 and other higher versions for Mac.

Mac Disk Utility, How it Works?

There are times that file system errors prevent your computer from starting up. This normally happens after an improper shutdown, power blackouts and forced restart. If your computer feels this way, then it is just the right time to use Disk Utility tool. If you want to run this tool just simply do the following:

  1. Insert the installation disc and then restart the computer after doing so.
  2. After the computer starts up the disc, choose the Disk Utility from the Installer menu and you can also select the language option first.
  3. Just remember not to click the Continue button on the first screen because if you do you just need to restart the disc again in order to open the Disc Utility.
  4. Then click the First Aid tab option.
  5. Choose the disclosure triangle on the left side of the hard drive icon. You can view the names of hard disk volumes and partitions.
  6. Then choose the Mac OS X volume.
  7. Select repair options and the Disk Utility will check and repair the disks.

Conclusions when to Use Mac Disk Utility

Generally, Mac Disk Utility performs two types of repairs and this can be found under the First Aid tab options. These two options are the repair Disk and repair Disk Permissions. The Repair Disk options will verify any problems and correct any issues with the directory in the disk. Just remember that you cannot perform Repair Disk options to repair your Mac OS x startup disk. It cannot also correct some directory corruption problems. This issue can be better repair by third party apps. On the other hand, Repair Disk Permissions can verify any issues, reset and repair permissions. But this functions can only verifies and repair the permissions of Apple objects that are found under the Receipts directory. However this option cannot resolve problem permissions on third party applications and objects found in Macintosh HD such as Home folders and all its content. This is only available for volumes where the Mac OS X is installed.

The next time you got a sluggish Mac during its startup time, and then better use this cleaning tool for your Mac which is the Mac Disk Utility. It offers you two options for repairing your disk permissions and eventually improving the system performance afterwards.