With Intel processors used on Mac system today, its speed had greatly improved. This even make the applications to load faster and system operation take faster to process. But over time you will notice that your Mac run slowly. This can be attributed to a lot of reasons. There are times that Mac users would just upgrade to a new processor and it cost them a lot of money. If you want that your Mac run slowly to improve then try these helpful suggestions below.

Clean Mac Hard Disk: Mac system at least requires 10% extra space on boot drive in order to write on the virtual memory and save temporary files on the spare space. But then if the boot drive is full then the system would run slowly so better clear out the hard disk and take away all unimportant files and store it to other storage location.
Extra Ports: If your Mac need some ports for additional peripherals then add an extra one for this one. Just make sure that you turn off any devices attached to your computer if you don’t need them because it can also consume memory.

Add extra RAM: Normally, Mac system at least needs 1 GB to hold all your files and applications but if you have too many of them, chances are in the long run these are not enough to hold any files and applications that you have. Identify first how much RAM your Mac really needs before you add an extra one.

Get Rid Items in Startup Menu: Some applications are store in the startup menu and some of them are only a waste on your Mac space. Better remove items that are really unnecessary because this can slow down the system’s performance. To remove items just click System Preferences>Accounts>select your account and Login Items. Then identify on the list what items that you really don’t need and remove them.

Choose Applications that are important: Having too many applications running on your system can also consumes system resources and even the usage of the CPU. Choose only applications that are really important and close some of them that you really don’t need at all. Normally, applications can have some memory leaks and this can also consume RAM. Identify which of these applications are causing your Mac to run slow and uninstall it completely out in the system.
Mac run slowly

No matter how you think that Mac system is powerful and fast, over time you will notice that Mac run slowly. There are certain ways why this can happen but the good thing is, there are a lot of ways that you can do to improve and speed it up without the need to spend too much on your budget. Some helpful tips that you should do is remove unnecessary files on your system because this is one of the many culprits why performance is degraded and better spare an extra space on your memory to cater files that needs to be stored.