Having problems with your Mac running slow? And you don’t know what cause it to happen? There are actually a lot of reasons why this can happen so if you these simple tips below you can prevent this from happening on your Mac. The next time you got Mac running slow, remember these simple tips that you can do to resolve it without the need for you to spend extra cash on return.

Mac Running Slow, 9 Speedy Tips

  1. 1. Identify first what items you are installing. Most Mac users have the habit of installing programs and later on forgetting about it in the system. If this is taken for granted this can cause a cluttered this and even waste your disk space. Over time this can cause your Mac to run slow and worst some of it is place on the start up menu every time the system loads. You can remove applications that are really not important by using utilities such as AppZapper to remove them completely out in the system. Others even backup first the applications and reinstall the whole OS to clean out the whole system.
  2. 2. Update your Mac OS more often. Having newer versions of Mac OS is quite faster than the old system. Just make it a pint to update any old Mac OS that you have, the same is true with your Mac applications and drivers. You can update your Mac by using utility known as Software Update.
  3. 3. Add extra RAM on your Mac. This is one of the easiest ways to speed up Mac that is running slow but before you make this one, identify first the right model and type that is compatible with your Mac. Once you install the extra RAM, check with it in the System Profiler to see if the new RAM is compatible with the system or not.
  4. 4. Identify your Mac capacity. Any Mac system requirements can advance quickly over time. However for old Mac systems, they can still be used as servers and email machines. You can experiment with your old Mac and even fill it with additional RAM.
  5. 5. Change the performance of your Mac processor. You can do this on your old Mac and change it to the highest option available under the System Preferences and choose Energy Saver. Then reduce the settings to optimize more energy use.
  6. 6. Stripped down the system. Your Mac system will run faster if there are no peripherals attached to it. So when you are not using any device better disconnect it because it can also consume some memory space.
  7. 7. Perform schedule backup more often. If you want to do these just make sure that the system is idle and there are no other processes that are running on your Mac. Mac system is stable and you can run the backup process at night when you are not using the system.
  8. 8. Run disk repair on your Mac. This is quite easy using apps like Onyx and MacKeeper because it can clear out cache files, log files and temporary files. This will surely keep your system clean.
  9. 9. Avoid using animated wallpaper on desktop. Animated backgrounds can be cool in the eyes but over time this can consume system resources. Better remove this one and use only static photos as your wallpaper.
  10. Mac running slow
    If you don’t want your Mac running slow, then perform these simple tips and you can improve the speed of your Mac without the need to invest too much.