If you got Mac running slow, then it’s about time you do some maintenance tasks to speed things up. Below are simple tips that will help you diagnosed some common problems on your Mac that cause it to run slowly.

Having Mac running slow is quite a problem if you just take it for granted. Just a piece of advice you can do something to make your Mac lean and clean like before, this involves hardware upgrading and software maintenance. The easiest way would be to buy an extra RAM for your Mac. If you use too many files and applications on your Mac machine then it’s about time you upgrade immediately. Then another thing that you should consider is getting a faster hard drive. Both these tips require some investing if you really want to speed up your Mac performance.

Mac Running Slow, Simple Ways to Speed It Up

As Mac user it is necessary that you learn some basic software maintenance and doing this regularly will surely keep you Mac up to shape. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Cron Scripts: They can clean up your messy log files; optimize Mac system and even user accounts. You can do its daily, weekly and monthly. There are other utilities that can help you with this task such as Anacron, Onyx and Macaroni.

    2. Optimize Prebindings: Once an application is installed in Mac OS X, the installer will finish the installation by optimizing the system. This will speed up the application and will keep your Mac running smoothly.

    3. Repair Permissions: At times file permissions can be messed up because Mac OS X allows multiple user accounts. This can really messed up your Mac and eventually make it run slow. Try running utilities such as Onyx, Macaroni and Disk Utility in order to perform this task.

    4. Remove unwanted language packs: This does not necessarily mean it will speed up your Mac but eventually free up some hard drive space and removes language files that are not important. Doing this at times can really free up more than gigabyte of hard drive space. You can use utility like Monolingual to help you with this one.

    Other Ways to keep your Mac running slow faster

    In the addition to the above useful tips, there are few things that you should do with your emails, installed programs and browser to speed up them too.

      1. If you don’t know any attachments on your emails then better not open it. It is better to be safe than regret it in the end.

      2. Every time you install new applications, make sure that you are aware about the installer. There are times that it will ask for additional software installation that is often times unnecessary.
      Mac running slow
      3. Use faster browser such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox on your Mac.

      4. Make sure you have 10% to 20% available free space on your Mac hard drive. Mac automatically defragments the hard drive files but it needs additional free space so your computer will swap files easily with your RAM and hard drive to keep other programs running efficiently.

Every time you got Mac running slow, remember two things that will make your Mac lean and clean, do some hardware upgrades and software maintenance. These simple tips above will guide you how to do it.