Macs are stable machine but just like Windows they also have the tendency to slow down and become sluggish over time. There will come a time that even launching and switching programs takes longer and even simple tasks takes even longer to process. What are causing all these stuff for your Mac running slow?

Mac Running Slow, Ways How to Speed it Up

There are a lot of things that can decrease the performance of your Mac and knowing these one will help you how to upgrade it. Some of the several culprits are not enough disk space, not enough RAM and many applications running at the same time. Let’s get to know how to avoid Mac running slow?

Not Enough Disk Space
Any OS needto use the hard disk for temporary storage and it requires at least 10% free in order for cache files, temporary files and virtual memory to swap files with RAM resources for applications and tasks that are running on your Mac machine. But then, if the hard drive is fill of files and applications, system perfromance will truly suffer. If you don’t want your Mac system to suffer this one then better free up some space by deleting unneeded date that includes all old downloads, installers and zip archives. You can also move your other files to external devices and delete the original ones in your Mac machine.

Not Enough RAM
Normally Mac uses RAM in order to store data that your CPU is suing. This is quite fast and efficient but the more data that are stored in your RAM will cause the system to run slow as well. If you got this problem, then better add an extra RAM for your Mac. This entails investing some money but if you reall want to improve the Mac performance then might as well consider this option. Just make sure you read your manuals and Apple experts to know what is compatible with your Mac machine.

Too Many Applications Running
Your Mac will simply need more RAM if you use multiple programs at once. You can run the Activity Monitor to help you determine what applications are consuming most of your CPU usage and memory. Better quit applications that you really don’t need in order to free up some RAM space and improve its performance.

Reboot Mac System
No matter how stable your Mac machine is, it needs to reboot once in a while. This is equivalent to a good night sleep and rest for your Mac machine. This will clear the RAM, processes will be reset and you can start at a clean state. It is advisable that you reboot your Mac at least every few weeks or every time your Mac is acting strange. This will somehow improve your Mac performance.
Mac running slow
When Mac running slow, there are a lot of possible reasons why it can happen such as not enough RAM space, hard disk space and too many applications running at the same time. If you know what causes all your Mac performance to degrade you will also know how to prevent this one. The simple tips above will somehow improve your Mac easily.