You notice that you have been using your Mac machine over time and you notice that it is a little bit slow unlike the first time you bought it. This can really happen to your Mac hard disk especially when it gets filled of files and applications. They can get piled up in the hard drive space causing Mac slow down in performance. However there are several things that you can do about it to speed things up.

Mac Slow Down, How to Enhance Mac Performance

When your Mac slow down, remember these key tips that will surely make your Mac as good as new and perform on its top shape.

    1. Upgrade Mac Hardware. One of the easiest ways to speed up Mac performance is to upgrade your Mac hardware. But just make sure that before you add an extra RAM on your Mac, read all the manuals and consult any experts on Apple devices so you will know if these are compatible or not. This will speed up Mac machine but you need to invest some cash on your part.

    2. Clean Mac Desktop. If you have tons of icons on your desktop, this can slow down Mac performance. These icons are often treated as open window and only consume Mac memory. In the long run this can be a problem in your Mac machine because it will consume most of your memory space that is supposed to be for other important files. Better move them in other location to improve better your Mac performance.

    3. Get rid of unwanted items in the Start up menu. If your start up menu is taking longer to load or run then you got a problem with your Mac already. Delete some applications that are in your start up menu that you think are really unnecessary. Just simply open the System Preferences, choose accounts, select account and then Login items. You can choose over the list of applications that are included in the list so disregard the ones that you will no longer need and you will see that when you start up your Mac, this takes only a matter of seconds.

    4. Delete unwanted Dashboard widgets. Although widgets can be useful in your Mac but they also consume some of your Mac space. It can also cause your Mac to run slow so better disable the ones that are not really important to you.

    5. Clean browser applications. Browser is one of the applications on your Mac that you often use. But this is one of the many reasons that cause your Mac to run slow. Make sure that you clear out your browser history and other temporary files created by browser applications because when they get accumulated in your Mac it can really cause it to run slow. Uninstall also some extensions that are not that important and delete some add-ons.

When Mac slow down you can do these tips to improve its performance, although there is no perfect formula that will keep your Mac good as running as new, these tips will somehow keep it on its optimum performance when performance of your Mac got some issues.