Some Mac users would believe that their Mac system won’t slow over time. But when I bought my own Mac a few years ago, I soon realize that Mac slows down over time. There are a lot of possible reasons why this can happen but normally having too many applications and files in your Mac hard drive can clutter it. But luckily there are also thousand tips that are guaranteed to speed up when your Mac slows down. This includes cleaning cache, reducing Mac machine temperature and resetting Mac for a while. However some of these tips are not effective. If you want to know genuine tips to speed up your Mac machine effectively, then try to consider these simple tips below.

Mac Slows Down, Things How to Speed Up Mac

    1. Install an extra RAM. This is one of the effective tips that will require you to spend your money and this is not for free. Installing an extra 2GB of RAM will surely make a difference in your Mac machine. If you use too many applications in your Mac it will also demand for an extra memory so it’s only fair you give your Mac the chance to deal with all these files and applications by having an extra RAM installed.

    2. Minimize using folders. Every time folders are created in your system, some will require some caching and Spotlight will need to index it. Doing this over time can really cause your Mac to run slow especially if it needs to deal with so many folders. In order to avoid this one it would really help if you avoid creating unnecessary files and folders but instead organized them in your Mac system. If you have large files and folders it would be best to move them to other external drive to spare some extra space in your Mac.

    3. Run a maintenance tool. Mac got plenty of disk maintenance tools and it is healthy if you run them at least once a month. They are handy when it comes to clearing out cache files, temporary logs and even correcting indexing issues that are the main cause for your Mac slow down. You can use utilities such as Monolingual, Cocktail, Hazel, MainMenu and others.

    4. Remove some System Preferences Panes. There are tons of System Preferences options that you might not need at all. And if you want to remove them you can simply open the System Preferences or just go to the Library>Preference Pane folder. Just before you remove some of them, be careful with it because you can reset some of the preference settings on your applications. Just customize it according to your choice.

    5. Remove items in the startup menu. This will speed up Mac startup. Normally when programs are installed in your Mac they are also placed automatically in the log in menu and can slow down every time Mac boots. If you want to remove some of them that are not important then open the System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items and remove some of them in your startup menu by clicking the minus button.

Having Mac machine at first is quite amazing because you cannot under estimate its speed and performance. But over time you will soon realize that even Mac slows down in the long run. Although there are a thousand tips to speed it up but just be careful because some of them are not effective. But these five helpful tips will effectively speed your slow Mac because I even tried it on my Mac machine and it is running on its top shape this time.