There are myth that says Mac don’t slow over time but when I’ve experienced it on my own Mac, I soon realize that Mac slows down over time and this can be attributed to applications and files that are cluttered on Mac hard disk. There are thousands of tips guaranteed to speed up Mac from cleaning cache, reducing temperature and resting Mac once in a while. But some of them are really not effective. If you want to know genuine tips that will effectively speed up slow down Mac system here are some things that you should consider.

Mac Slows Down, Effective Tips to Speed It

    1. Install extra RAM: This is one of the tips that require spending some money and this is not free. But installing an extra 2 GB of RAM can really make a big difference to your Mac machine. If you got so many applications installed in your Mac, it will also demand for an extra memory. So it’s only fair that you give your Mac to deal with all these files and applications.

    2. Minimize the use of folders: Once you create folders, it will require some caching by Mac OS X and Spotlight will index it. This can result to Mac slows down. To avoid this one, don’t create unnecessary files and folders and organized them in your Mac system. It would be better to move large folders, files and applications to other location such as external USB and other drive.
    Mac slows down
    3. Use a maintenance tool at least once a month: When it comes to disk maintenance tools Mac system got plenty of it. They are quite helpful when it comes to cleaning cache files, temporary files and correcting indexing problems that at times are the main cause for your Mac to slow down. Some of the utility tools that can work for Mac are Cocktail, Hazel, Onyx, MacKeeper, MainMenu, etc.

    4. Get rid of System Preference Panes: If you want to know what preferences you can remove just open the System Preferences or go to the Library>Preference Panes folder. But be careful before doing this because it can reset the preference settings on programs so better customize it according to your choice.

    5. Remove login items in startup menu: Doing this will somehow speed up your Mac startup. At times when programs are installed in Mac they are also placed automatically in the login menu and they are open when Mac boots. If you want to remove the unnecessary items on your startup menu then better go to System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items and remove the items on the list by simply clicking the minus button.

    Some Mac users would brag about their fast and speed Mac system but at times they will soon realize that their Mac slows down over time. This is quite true for Mac users that are using so many applications and files. Just keep in mind that nothing works quite well for long time because Mac hard drive will be cluttered with files in the long run. If you don’t want this to happen to your Mac just follow these five guaranteed effective tips that will speed up your Mac system.