Whether you like it or not, Mac system can get a little sluggish from time to time just like any other computer systems. Most of the time this is attributes to full hard drive that causing Mac slows down. Some would think that they need more memory for their applications in their Mac. What we usually need if Mac just needs some quick tweak and tidy up? Here are quick and easy five steps that will help your Mac running in good shape.

Mac Slows Down, What to Do About It

Do your Mac systems a favor when Mac slows down do these five easy tips below:

    1. Perform some widget inventory: It is quite easy to deal with widgets. At times you may add half a dozen of them just to check them out and later you will completely forget that they exist already in your Mac. There are some widgets that will keep running even if you are not using the Dashboard. It is wiser that you keep them and stripped them down and only use the ones that are necessary to you.
    2. Declutter Mac Desktop: Computer users usually enjoy the luxury of having small icons in the desktop that are cluttering it in the long run. For Mac system these icons on the desktop is usually treated by the operating system as a window. The same goes for icons on the dock. Thus having a handful of icons on the desktop can really have an impact on the Mac performance. This is the right time that you organized and keep them off in the desktop.
    3. Keep an eye on the Activity Monitor: Firing up the Activity Monitor might surprise of the many programs that are eating most of your memory space. This can affect Mac performance so better fix these programs and disable them in your Mac system. You can use other third-party applications that will help you strip off these unnecessary applications.
    4. Disable unused features: There are times that you use the Bluetooth features in sharing some photos on your mobile phones or share information with the use of Internet Sharing. There’s no problem with than as long as you remember them to turn off. Just go over through System Preferences and disable everything that you don’t actually use.
    5. Delete unused preference panes: There are times that we download and install programs that we often forget about them. That is not the main problem here. But these will load in the background every time you start-up your Mac. You can remove them easily by simply going to the Library>Preference Panes. You can use some third-party applications too that will handle the rest. Try to choose Onyx, Hazel, MacKeeper, etc do handle this problem.

When Mac slows down, these five easy tips will surely keep your Mac running in good shape. This is all about common sense, that when you notice that Mac is a bit sluggish; do this one in your Mac machine and Mac performance will surely improve.